Sunday, November 20, 2011


Back on June 26th of this year when I took this photo of the actual Sprint Cup at Infineon Motor Speedway, I had serious doubts that my boy, Tony Stewart, was even going to be in the Chase.  Now he is the 2011 Sprint Cup Champion.  The last six races have been monumental, culminating in today's race, which I swear was the MOST exciting race I have EVER watched.  Usually during that 3-4 hours, I watch a little, putter, stitch, take a nap...Today I was riveted.  I did not know a person could run a race under that much adversity and just keep coming back.  It was amazing!  That last 36 laps I do not think I could even breath.  I kept waiting for a yellow flag, the rain, or something else to happen.  I am a bit headachey from the not breathing.  Both Carl and Tony fought to the final lap like true champions.  It was thrilling.  I was happy to see Tony win, but I have to say Carl ran a tough race.  He is a true class act the way he was first out there to congratulate Tony.  A true sportsman.  I am so happy to see an example like that for kids.

I woke up this morning to a rainy day and a small dog curled up against my hip under the blankets.  It was so hard to get up.  I was going through possible excuses in my head for not going to church, but know that God is way too smart for my lame excuses so off I went.  It is amazing to me that next Sunday is the first Sunday in advent.  It goes so fast.

I came home today and changed immediately into my jammies, which is a pretty good idea on a cold, rainy afternoon.  I also decided to take my new jammies to the next level by also washing my sheets.   Clean sheets are one of the best things in life. I should sleep like a rock tonight.  

I think I have shared that I am totally hooked on  Apparently, flavored water is totally in right now.  I need to drink more water but do not like the taste of it.  I prefer Cherry Kool Aid with Splenda.  Not really glamorous, but that's how I roll.  Anyway I decided to try one of the recipes.  It is a sliced cucumber, 1 lemon sliced, and 12 mint leaves.  I put it all in a pretty pitcher then covered it with water.  I was surprised at how good it is.  It is quite refreshing and tastes mostly like cucumber.  So now I keep a pitcher of it in the fridge and just keep adding water.  Good stuff.

Well, I have to be at work super early, so I am off to dream about Tony's big win. I think I will ask Santa for Tony Stewart fire suit jammies.   

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