Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's A Rainy Night In Monterey

The rain is raining all around
It falls on field and tree
It rains on the umbrellas here
And on the ships at sea.
RL Stevenson

From the time that I was about five years, A Child's Garden of Verses, was an almost constant companion of mine. I read it over and over again and loved it. To this day I still remember a few of the poems like Going to Bed By Day and My Shadow. Robert Louis Stevenson was quite an interesting person. The circle is somewhat complete with RLS in my life because it is well known that RLS had travelled to Monterey and Carmel Valley and stayed in the area for about five months in 1879 while he had become ill. I find it exciting to think that I may have walked and stood in the very spots here that he did. (He and John Steinbeck.) I have loved his books forever. They are classics for a reason.

I digressed a bit here. I started with the poem because it is indeed raining here in Monterey. It is raining quite hard, in fact. I am happy to be inside under blankets and ready to read my book. It has been such a good day and I am so grateful for it and that my day is ending peacefully.

The day started out gray and cold. It was a perfect day to have a cup of coffee, classical music playing, Liesl snoozing and me puttering around the house. I got a lot done and I felt really good. My best friend has been travelling and so we have not been able to get together for a few weeks. We decided to have lunch and met at a great place near my house. She just traveled to Turkey and had an amazing trip. She brought me back a beautiful tile trivet for my house and a gorgeous tapestry book mark. We both love to read and trade books back and forth, so we both love book marks. She is such a cool friend and we had a great time catching up.

Afterwards I had to run my errands. Yes, that was me, yet again, stalking the aisles of Home Depot. I swear I am there every weekend. They should just put an orange apron on me. LOL I love Home Depot. I went in armed with a shopping list, but still spent an hour in there because stuff kept catching my eye. I could spend an afternoon just looking at all of the natural stone tile. So pretty. I am looking for something intriguing for a backslash over my stove. I love the gorgeous bas relief type tile that generally is fruit or angels. I have to find a nice tile store. Apparently, it is easy peasy to put in.

Anyway, I bought my stuff, like drill bits, a new mailbox, and assorted items that I am sure that I will not be able to live without. I am finally at the point where I think I need a tool box instead of a kitchen drawer. Another reason to go back. I suddenly remembered as I was roaming the aisles of HD that I had pumpkin pie ice cream in the freezer that I have forgotten about all week. How could I have done such a thing? So I scuttled along, came home and had my ice cream. Delish.

I am proud to say that I also got my drapes hung this weekend. This has been a bigger task than I had counted on, but I have to say they look really good. Now I am down to the big decision of the evening. It is Daylight Savings. So should I stay up an hour later or do I sleep an extra hour?

As I go to bed for the evening, I am so very grateful for so many things in my life. My very close friends, my family, my job, my house, my dog and my church. I feel so blessed and so content.

May you be blessed as well.

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