Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is It Me Or Did The Weekend Fly By?!!!!

Oh my goodness! Holy Moley! I swear time was at hyper speed this weekend. Yesterday, DH cleared out the last of the plants and stuff from the old house, went to the dump, did the walk through with the landlord, and handed over the keys. It is nice to be totally focused on the new house although we are still trying to find room for our stuff. I stayed at home, did seven loads of laundry, cleared out one room and started on a couple of others. Then I had to work at a volunteer event last night and did not get home until eleven, way past my bedtime. Up early for church this morning where I was the assistant minister today. DH took me to lunch for prawns and chips (yum!) at a place we have not been to in a long time that is in our new town. It is next to the grocery store, and DH was wise in not letting us grocery shop on empty stomachs. LOL He puttered most this afternoon, while Liesl and I took a nice nap. Now we are both too full and sleepy to eat dinner.

I am getting ready to pull out my stitching, finally. I am hoping I can stay awake long enough to get some stitches put in. I got a lot done in my car at lunchtime the other day, mostly the lovely pink roses over the mirror. I am hoping to get a lot of the greenery in tonight. Liesie is already tucked into her blankie, and DH is looking like he is getting ready to doze off, so I have a feeling it is going to be really quiet around here.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow night. DH has band, and DD is coming over for crockpot dinner. She will bring over her knitting and momma will get to stitch. We now live 10 minutes away from her and her DH, instead of 30-40 minutes. This makes me really happy. It makes me feel better about her driving home, and we are able to hang out a little later. She has only been knitting less than a year, and does absolutely beautiful work. She makes a lot of beautiful things, really quickly. I am looking forward to seeing what she is working on.

Have a great week!


Suzanne said...

You did have a busy weekend! Want to come do all my laundry? I probably have at least 7 loads right now...

Carolyn said...

My goodness, Patti, I got worn out just reading all that you did! You were a busy lady, for sure! Hope you got at least a little stitching in. Lucky you having DD live close. I wish my DS and DDIL and grandchildren were closer so I could have them over for dinner. :) {{{HUGS}}}