Friday, July 31, 2009

Here is my latest update. I stitched a little bit tonight. I am really tired so I did not get a whole lot done. You can barely make out the little sheepies on that second row. The sort of blend in in the photo, but are easier to see in person.

Man alive, I am sleepy. I woke up to drizzling on the roof at 3 am and could not get back to sleep. I was dragging all day and came right home to take a nap. This whole drizzling thing is making me crazy.

I had super fun today. From time to time, three ladies from my department get to go to lunch together. They are such neat ladies and are the kind of smart, funny, professional women that I would truly choose as friends. They make me laugh, and are just so cool. I am lucky because, though I work really hard, I do feel like one of the bonuses of my job is that I get to go see my friends everyday. We had a great lunch, a lot of laughter, and tried a new place to eat. It was such a great treat.

I am hoping my DD and DSIL will be able to come over tomorrow. I am having some computer and printer issues. DSIL is an IT guy and always works miracles on my computer. I feel a bit badly about asking him to work on his day off, but I did promise on their voicemail that I would make them something wonderful for dinner.

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