Monday, January 16, 2012

Awesome Weekend

First of all, I must say a huge thank you to Ruth and Cindy who both responded with offers of help in finding the older dye lot DMC 815.  Ruth has so kindly offered to send me three skeins and I am so grateful to her for it.  I am enjoying the journey stitching this sampler and was getting a bit desperate as I cut each length to stitch.  I was comparing Sullivans, Anchor and DMC trying to find a suitable match.  I really should have planned much better on the floss at the beginning. 

I have had a really fantastic three day weekend.  I got all of the gardening done on Saturday and I am happy as I look out the window or play with Liesl in the yard.  It looks like our rainstorms are going to start arriving this week, so I am glad that I got it done.  

Yesterday afternoon and part of today, this was my project:
This is the sewing cabinet that I purchased several weeks ago.  It has been sitting unassembled in big boxes in my garage since December 23rd and this was the first chance that I have really had to put it together.  Beneath this pretty and serene exterior is a plethora of storage options.

First you have the shelf for your sewing machine, complete with built in surge protector:
There are nice shelves, too!  But wait, there's more!
The shelf pulls out, the additional shelf comes up and you have a cutting table/sewing table.  But that is not all
Underneath that is another pull out shelf for my printer and a stationary shelf, which I think I will use for fabric.  After that, it all folds back up to the unassuming cute cabinet at the beginning.  
This is its temporary spot until I can move some of the furniture around in my office.  I am also going to paint the walls a warm taupe so that the furniture will pop.  

If you are thinking that you would like one for yourself,  I bought it at  It is a Sauder piece and I believe the original price was about $329, which was not bad at all.  However, the piece weighs 234 lbs and has to be delivered by a semi so the cost to ship was about $118, which you do not find out until you are checking out.  I nearly fainted and cancelled my original purchase.  However, during the holidays the price was drastically reduced to about $270 and the shipping price dropped about $20 less to where I could rationalize the purchase.  I will tell you that I can normally put together most furniture in about 1-4 hours.  This took me about 7 hours total over a couple of days because it has moving parts and I think there may be more engineering in this cabinet than in the Golden Gate Bridge.  Oy vey!  

I love, love, love this piece.  It is so beautiful and functional.  I will also have to show my craft desk that I bought from Overstock.  I am still unpacking this room (there is always that one room left...) and there is some stuff on top of it, so I will share later this week.  I love the way this room is coming together.  

The rest of the weekend has been fantastic, too!  Today I had lunch with my best friend, played ball with Liesl in the yard and went to Home Depot where I found the paint color for my kitchen.  I am so excited. I am so inspired and really stoked about my upcoming vacation where I can tackle some big projects on the house.  So much fun!


Vicky said...

I am so jealous, the sewing cabinet is awesome!!

MaryO said...

Awesome sewing cabinet. Love the pic of Liesl too.

Not quite that cold here in Pedro, but cold enough to need gloves and scarf and heavy coat in the mornings. We're supposed to get some rain this weekend. The cats and I will spend the weekend snuggled and warm.

Did you install your ceiling fan? I told my husband about that and he was very impressed. We have four ceiling fans and I blush to say we've hired people to install them. Neither one of us are DIY people!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

oh hiiii liesel!!!!! look at how cute you look!! i am sure that you are spending lots of good time with your mum at her feet whilst she sews at her wonderful new cabinet. i love the cabinet and the fact that the table extends. lucky you!!!



Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

oopsies...pardon me...i spelled your name allll wrong....LIESL!

maybe we will run into each other in carmel when the weather warms up!!

becky, duhgall and fiona

Patti said...

Thank you for the happy comments about the sewing cabinet and my cute little model! I love the cabinet and love the way it just folds away so that my stuff won't get dusty.

Have a happy weekend!

Patti & Liesl

Patti said...

Oh, Becky, I have been meaning to tell you for some time that there is a store in Pacific Grove that you might really like. Vintage items at pretty good prices.

The name of the store is Blessings and they have been there about a year. It is so adorable!