Monday, January 23, 2012

Loving Life

There are times like tonight when I am driving home along Monterey Bay that I still have to pinch myself that I live here.  It is so beautiful to see the lights of Monterey and Pacific Grove lighting up the bay as I drive towards Monterey on my way home from work. I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area about 20 years ago, kicking and screaming.  Now I can not imagine a place that I could love more.  I have seen this area change so much, mostly for the better.  I love the natural beauty of the place, the goodness of the people, and the historical significance of the area.  Monterey was the first capital of California from 1777 to 1846.  The area has been home to literary greats John Steinbeck, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robinson Jeffers, and Henry Miller.  Ansel Adams also had a home here.  I have always loved John Steinbeck and Robert Louis Stevenson and I love to think that I have walked and stood in some of the places that they have.  I am sure that most people love their regions as much as I do!

I am counting the 25 days until my vacation.  I love to play tourist here.  (I love to travel, but I really love coming home.)  In addition to doing a lot around the house, I am hoping that the weather will be nice enough to take some really nice walks and hikes with Liesl.  The natural beauty here is breathtaking, and the nice thing about having a dog is that they inspire you to get out and walk in nature.  Liesl is always up for a walk, even at 6:30 am this morning when it was storming outside.  It is really important for her to have this walk as part of her morning routine.  Plus, I really like that time with her.  

I am proud to say that I finally got the floor cleared in my craft room yesterday.  The top of my new desk is also cleared.  I had organized piles.  Now I just have to start filling all of my shelves and cubbies in my new desk.  The craft room has been the catch all room while I have been getting settled in the house.  I will take a photo of the desk and chair this week.  I absolutely love them and see myself spending a lot of time in that room for a lot of years.  The sun comes through the large window in that room every morning, so it will be great to take a cup of tea in there in the morning to start the day.   I dream of going in there to watch movies,  read books, and create beautiful things.  It is the first room that I am really working on and I think it will set the tone for the house and inspire me to work on the the others.

Life is such an adventure.

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