Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Dozy Day At The Cozy Cottage

Working six day this week, most of which was already overtime caught up with me today.  I woke up tired and never got out of my pajamas.  I just could not get started.  I felt really badly because the weather was beautiful this weekend and I had the best of intentions of taking Liesl to the beach today because we could not go yesterday.  I was just too tired to get dressed.  Luckily, Liesl seemed to sense that something was a little off and just napped happily next to me.  I dropped off into naps a couple of times today and she just was so accommodating.  A friend of mine often tells me that someday when we all meet up in Heaven, we will find out just how much more our pets know and understand than we realize.  I believe that they do know so much more and are so in tune with us.  Normally Liesl would be really busy and would be wanting to go to the beach or play.  She was just so calm and let me rest today.  

I am also feeling guilty because I did not get anything done around the house today.  I watched really bad television, did a little online surfing and stitched.  It was really nice.  I am so grateful to Ruth for sending me the dye lot that I needed on my DMC 815.  The match is perfect and the transition has been seamless.  It was nice to be able to stitch.

So now the countdown begins for my vacation.  I am so excited.  My last day of work is the 17th.  I am looking forward to only having fun, having lunch and dinner with my friends, working on my house, going to the beach with Liesl, reading, stitching, staying up as late as I want, and just resting.  It will be so much fun to only play and not have any stress that week.  Liesl loves vacation too whether we travel or stay home.  I told her that we are going to Yosemite later this year.  I am looking at the off season so I can get a dog friendly place to stay at a reasonable price.  Dogs are only allowed on certain trails but I think it is going to be awesome.

I am grateful for the day of rest today.  I feel fortunate that I had a day to doze off and indulge in some stitching.  I got to reflect on some really wonderful things in my life and have a comfy day.  I am grateful for all of it.  

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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April said...

Glad you got to rest and stitch today Patti!