Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Happy Day

I got a wonderful surprise at work yesterday.  Earlier this week, my new friend Ruth responded to my request for where I could find DMC from a 20 year old dye lot.  She is so kind and offered to send me hers from her own collection.  Yesterday I received her envelope with the sweetest note inside, which made my day!  Newer 815 was a pinkish tone to it and does not match what I started my blackwork sampler with.  I was growing a little desperate with each stitch as I was running out of my floss.  Ruth sent me three skeins and they are a perfect match so I will be able to finish.  It was such a nice thing to do and I appreciate it so much!

Well, it is kind of pathetic to admit, but last night I fell asleep in the middle of writing my blog post.  I had gotten up in the wee small hours of the morning yesterday to start work early.  I worked about 10 hours in all yesterday.  It was storming like all get out by the time I got home and I was pretty tired.  The wind and rain was a bit crazy.  I could hear stuff hitting the house all night.  It had to have been raining sideways because it was hitting the windows directly.  It helped me to sleep really hard.  

When I woke up this morning, it was still storming.  There were a couple of things I had wanted to do today, but I quickly decided that they were not necessary.  Instead I decided that it should be a pajama day.  I took a nice hot bath, but got back into my jammies for the rest of the day.  I puttered a bit, but mostly stitched and caught up on my episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  It was divine.  I had a nice warm blanket to get under on the sofa but somehow Liesl claimed it as hers and I was out in the cold.  You would think that I would learn by now.

I am totally counting the days until my vacation.  January has been such a busy month so I am totally looking forward to my February vacation,  I am supposed to work on my house, but perhaps I will just have nine days of jammies.  I am so looking forward to finish unpacking and getting some important things done here.  I do not have pictures up on the walls or anything.  I am looking forward to taking care of all the things on my list. 

Well, my eyes are getting heavy.  Guess I better sign off before I fall asleep again.

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