Monday, January 30, 2012

Eighteen More Days...

Well, this was the next to last day of my busiest month of the year.  It looks like I will go all the way to the wire on my deadlines.  I went to work extra early today when it was still dark to get a jump start on everything I need to get done.  I have the hardest parts done which makes me feel much better.  But I will admit that I am  really tired.  I was thinking all afternoon that I really wanted to do something artistic after work.  After I got dinner made and played with Liesl for a while, I picked up my stitching.  It just made me feel so happy.  I am so enjoying blackwork.  It is so pretty and easy to do.  

After I finish the panel of the piece I am working on, I still have another panel to complete.  Yet, I am already starting to think about what I want to stitch next.  I am toying with the idea of stitching the Hummingbird Afghan.  I bought the afghan several years ago, so I am ready to go.  I have so many other wonderful patterns though and they all seem to be calling to me right now.  

I am totally counting the days to my vacation.  I am so excited.  I was talking with my friend today who is in the construction business.  I usually seek his advice on things that I want to do on my house to get a sense of how difficult and expensive it might be to implement some of my plans.  He told me that if I need any help at all while I am on vacation with any projects to please give him a call and he would be happy to help me on his days off.  I am glad to know that I can have help or advice if I need it.  I watch too much HGTV and they put crazy ideas in my head that I need cork floors and towel warmers.  (which, of course I totally want!)  It would be so nice to have a toasty towel after a bath.

I am trying to figure out how to fit all of the fun I want to have into one week.  Just being able to sleep until 7:30 am will be a blessing.  Even if it rains everyday, I will be happy.  It will be a total of nine days of being able to play and rest, spend time with my favorite people, take long walks with Liesl and just not rush.  I will admit that it is fun to dream about it all.  It will be here way soon and planning it is really fun.  

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