Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Has Finally Arrived

We have had a crazy winter so far on California's Central Coast.  It has been that dreamy California weather that everyone thinks is the California lifestyle.  It has been warm and in the 70's.  This is totally not the norm.  We have been a little panicky because there has been no rain and no snow in the Sierras.  This could spell trouble in one of two ways for us.  Either we would have drought conditions, which could also mean big fires like back in 2008 (It seemed like the whole state was on fire.  It was crazy.)  Or it would mean that we would have drenching rain all through Spring.  The good news is that the cold has arrived.  It was 30 degrees on my way to work this morning.  The rain starts on Thursday and will continue for a while.  

I happen to love the rainy season.  I love the opportunity to putter around the inside of the house, read books for hours on end, take naps with my furgirl, stitch, cook, and just be cozy.  When it warms up I spend a lot of time in my garden, but I really like the time during the winter when I can just relax indoors.  

It is supposed to be at its coldest for the week tonight.  I am grateful that my house is insulated in the walls and ceiling.  I have warmed up the house sufficiently and have all of my blankets on the bed.  The nice thing about the cold is that I sleep really well.  Liesl is already sound asleep and she is obviously having a really good dream because her tail is wagging really fast.  I love a happy dog.

As I lay under this pile of blankets, I pray for those who do not have a warm place to sleep tonight.  I pray that the most basic needs of people, particularly children, would be met throughout the world.  I also ask that all who stop here to read about my little bitty corner of the world would be blessed with much joy and peace.  

Stay warm.


MaryO said...

Great post! Love the sentiment.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi patti!! oh i know! it has been unusually warm for us here in california. i worry so much about drought and all. seems we were so blessed by all of the snow and rain last year...but hopefully we will just have a long and wet spring.

take good care and stay dry!