Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Ode To M&M's

Okay, why has no one told me of this?  Apparently, I have been nary aware that there is such a thing as Coconut M&M's.  This combines two of my very favorite food groups. All of this time I have been unawares.  How could this be?  Tonight, I had to cruise by Target to pick up Liesl's compressed rawhide bones (she got a granola Busy Bone, too, much to her delight.)  As I was standing in line, minding my own business, my eyes came to rest on the red clearance sign.  You now know that this is how I roll.  Beyond that sign I saw Coconut M&M's.  This is one of the greatest pairings since Harry Met Sally, or there was Laurel & Hardy, or hot cocoa & marshmallows.  I bought a handful of them, but am now a little panicky that I do not have enough now that I have discovered that they are a limited edition.  I may have to tap out an email to the Mars company for taunting me like this...

I have put in for my vacation next month and all looks well.  I usually take my birthday week off in February, so that I have time to do all of the things that I love.  A friend of mine told me a couple of years ago that birthdays are sacred and we really should take the time to enjoy them.  I took those words to heart, so I take that time to allow for the sacredness of it and spend time that week having lunch and dinner with friends, taking leisurely naps,  and just playing.  I truly make that week a celebration.  We all really need to celebrate our own lives.  We are here for a reason and need to express joy and be blissful that we simply are.

This birthday week seems especially celebratory because I get to play in my house that week.  Generally, it is raining here on the Central Coast around then, so it is a good week to stay home and get some things done.  I plan on doing some work on the house and basically playing HGTV.  I am excited that I will not be inhibited by bedtime schedule or appointments.  I can just have as much fun as I want.  I have plans to go away on vacation later this year, as well, but I am really looking forward to playing at home in February.  

Well, I am off to tuck a spoiled little furgirl in.  She has just laid down on her bed (which is actually a large dog bed better suited to a golden retriever.)  She has let out her last sigh before she falls asleep.  I need to go tuck her blankie around her so she is cozied in.  


DebbieSFL said...

Patti, I prefer the mint m&m's that also only come at during Christmas season.

April said...

I didn't know they made Coconut M&M;s either!! They have been hiding them! lol I just know you are having a great time in your home, with decorating and more! Glad you have a vacation coming up to get tsome things done! Here's a Happy 2012 to you !!!

jenner said...

Coconut M&Ms are hard to find... I've never found a large bag of them, just the snack size you find at the checkout. They are The Noms! There's also coconut Hershey kisses that come out around Easter, I think. They're in a blue bag.

Early happy February birthday! I love having my bday in Feb. =) I can't take a week right now, but I'm definitely making it a long weekend.