Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knitting Club

We have been on hiatus for a little while from knitting night.  It seems like everyone got busy at once.  Tonight we got together after about three months.  Several of us have been looking so forward to it because we have missed each other so much.  Girl time is so important to our mental health and well being.

We have so much fun in our group, which is made up of an amazing group of women.  We usually start at 6, have pot luck dinner together, then chat and/or knit.  Our dinners are amazing.  So delicious and comforting.  I think most crafters tend to be really good cooks as well.  We usually go until 8 or 8:30.  Tonight we were talking, laughing and catching up until about 10pm.  I have not laughed like that in so long.  

I love when we get to show off what we are working on.  My knitting is not really great because I tend to stitch more.  The women is this group are really talented knitters.  I got really inspired tonight.  One of our members even has published a pattern for a beautiful sweater.  She brought the sweater tonight and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I totally want to knit one.  I feel really inspired as we go into the weekend.

I really appreciate this time spent with other really creative fun women.  My friend Heidi has done such a super job getting us started and bringing us all together.  She told me that she chose women that are really down to earth.  I think this is why we get along so well.  Our group just really works well and we have so much fun.  I really enjoy that we always start with a meal together.  I also love that it is on Thursday and kind of starts the weekend a bit.  

If you are thinking about starting a craft group, I would totally encourage you to do so.  This is one of the highlights of my week.  You can start small and it does not need to be official.  In fact, the less formal is a lot more fun. And try inviting people from varied age groups and backgrounds.  

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Gloria said...

I totally agree with you about joining a craft group.

Our group meets every month. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group of wonderful women.

We recently made a quilt for a stitching friend.