Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Love Of A Dog

I read somewhere a quote that says that until you have loved an animal, part of your soul remains unopened.  I did not know how much you could love a dog until Liesl came trotting into my life.  What amazes me sometimes is how much she loves me back.  Tonight I had to work one of our largest fundraisers for my job.  Liesl is usually with me at work but had to stay home tonight.  When I came home, she acted like my walking through the door was the best thing that had happened all day.  She gave me lots and lots of kisses.  Liesl in general is not much of a kisser. However, when I come home, I get lots of kisses on my nose.  It makes my heart tickley when she does that.  I did not get home until around 11, but she had slept all evening so she wanted to play.  I had picked up a brand new toy squirrel for her earlier today.  It looks pretty real, and squirrels are public enemy numero uno in Liesl's mind.  She loves her new toy.  She had to chase it several times until she indicated that it was time for her tummy to be rubbed.  (I jokingly tell people that I sleep in the servants quarters of the new house, LOL)

There are times that other people tell me that I should get another terrier.  I so love terriers.  I love the mischievous look in their eyes, their little beards, and their big attitudes.  But I believe that Liesl would probably not want to share her stuff, including her momma with another dog.  I have said the only exception to the rule is if she is head over heels for a dog that would be her dog.  But then I would be totally outnumbered and I would have two terriers bossing me around.  LOL

Tomorrow I plan on getting lots of rest.  I have to clean up the house a bit, but other than that I see naps in my future.  I am pretty tired these days.  I am looking so forward to my vacation in a couple of weeks.  Liesl is looking forward to it, too.  I am making lists of the things I need to accomplish on vacation.  I can not wait to make some progress on this house.  I am so excited about it.  I was able to clear a large section of my garage today, which really made me happy.  While I could park my car in there, I am thinking that I would really prefer to use it for work space for large projects.   It is such a usable space that I could get a lot of function out of it.  I have so many plans.

Well, I am hearing soft puppy snores.  It is making me sleepy so I am off to dreamland.

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MaryO said...

Dogs are wonderful people. In some cases, more wonderful than people! ;-) You've got a keeper there!