Sunday, January 8, 2012

What A Great Day!

Today was awesome.  It started out at church.  I was the assistant minister and cantor today, which made me happy.  I love being able to serve in that capacity.  Before church I was working with the organist, who is also a very close and dear friend.  She told me that she had my Christmas present and wanted to give it to me.  It is so cool!
I love this bracelet for a couple of reasons.  The first is that it is gorgeous and I can wear it with anything.  The second reason is that sales of this jewelry,( the company is called Ember), helps women in Uganda, East Africa to own their businesses, which ultimately helps them to rebuild their homes, educate their children, and have better lives.  Uganda has been ravaged for 20 years by poverty and civil war.  I love the fact that my present helps to make someone's life a little better.  It makes me feel good to wear it.  If you are interested in looking at the jewelry line, you can find out more at

After church I had to run to Target to pick up a few things.  I ended up forgetting half of what I needed to get because I was happy dancing as I found these:

Big bags of Coconut M&Ms!  I am a happy happy girl!  Target had lots of them in their big bagged candy section.  I do not need to panic anymore.

As always, the best part of my day was coming home to a little furry mustachioed face that was so happy to see me.  My face was covered in kisses, which made me so happy.  We spent a quiet afternoon together and I got a little puttering done.  It was the perfect end of the weekend.  Next week is a three day weekend.  I am chargin' up the power tools as we speak!  I am already making the lists of what I want to get done.  It's gonna be great!

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