Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best Easter Ever!

Today was fantastic.  It was a day filled with love.  I was the assistant minister and cantor at church.  I so love Easter and love working on this particular service.  It is so joyful.  We bury the Alleluia during Lent so it is really wonderful when we get to say and sing it again.  I love being with the people of my church.  I treasure my friendships there.

After church I ran home to bake a cake, make my chicken dish and get ready for company.  Liesl knows peoples' names and gets really excited when I tell her who is coming.  She gets really excited when the family is coming and runs to window to wait for them with her little stubby tail wagging.  We both love when the family is here!  All of the food turned out perfectly and we had enough left over for lunch this week and sending home with everyone.  It was a perfect day and we got to play a game, laugh and just be together.  It was perfect.  

My family is a true blessing to me and I truly feel like I am at my happiest when we are all together.  I am lucky enough to have my adult children living locally and I am so grateful for it.  It was the best day and a truly happy Easter.  I feel really blessed.  

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