Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Day Of Surprises

This morning I heard a knock on my door.  Okay, I heard Liesl barking because there was a knock on my door.  Since Saturdays tend to be filled with those knocking on doors for religious reasons or trying to sell me something, I did not answer the door.  (Every time it happens I think to myself that I really need a No Soliciting sign.)  Anyway, the person knocking was delivering these:  

I was stunned!  They were from my sweet elderly neighbor.  He told me that he and his wife who passed last month had a tradition of sending flowers to new neighbors over the last forty years to welcome them to the neighborhood.  He said that when I moved in, his lovely wife had taken a turn for the worse and they felt badly that they did not get around to keeping up with their tradition.  He wanted to keep the tradition going on her behalf so he felt that Easter was the best time to send flowers to me and to the nice man across the street who bought his house a couple of months before me.  I thought it was a very nice thing to do and it made my day.  I really adore all of my neighbors.  I am so blessed with the people who live in the houses around me.  I have had bad neighbors a couple of times in my life, so I really, really treasure good neighbors.  

After, chatting with my neighbor over the hedge for about half an hour and discussing our respective gardens, I figured I had better go buy some food since I have peeps coming over for Easter.  When I got home, my BFF called and told me she wanted to see my decorating progress so she came over for coffee.  When she got here she gave me these:
How sweet is that!  She is a pretty cool best friend.  We got to sit and talk while drinking from my stash of pumpkin spice coffee that I hoard during the holidays.  We both love the stuff which is yet just another reason why we are best friends.  

This evening, I prepared the foods for our Easter feast tomorrow that I could prep ahead.  I made marinade for chicken for a wonderful chicken and peppers main dish. I made potato salad, baby beets and citrus salad, and rosemary - parmigiana polenta.  Tomorrow I will put my cake in the oven while I get ready for church so that it is ready to be frosted when I get home.  I will put my chicken dish together, roast carrots,  make lemonade and get everything set up.  My daughter is the queen of appetizers so she is bringing something yummy to feast on before hand.  My stomach is making grumbly noises just thinking about all of the yummy food.  I really love to cook so this was a lot of fun.  Liesl does not like to be too far from any action so she keeps me company while I cook.  She also knows that there is a good chance that when momma is cooking that it is pretty likely yummy morsels will get put in her bowl.  Tonight it was half of a potato and then two pinches of shredded parmegian cheese.  She was pretty happy.

So know I am getting ready to go to sleep for the night.  When I wake up it will be the Holiest Day of the church calendar.  I have great peace on this day and it is because of this weekend that I remember that He is always with us, He will never forsake us.  Most of all, we are loved.  

Wishing you a joyous Easter!


Natasha said...

Patti, How very sweet of your neighbor. Good neighbors are a blessing. While we were living in South Carolina I was amazed at the prue kindness of my neighbors, they trully were the best. I am happy you are blessed with wonderful ones.

Have a blessed Easter and enjoy your wonderful feast, it sounds yummy

Rita said...

It sounds like you have a great neighborhood.

The flowers tradition reminds me of the neighborhood in MI where we built a house. It was in a new cul-de-sac and the first people to move in brought food to the second, then they teamed up to bring food to the third, and so on. By the time the last neighbors moved in, the were so many people bringing food that we added wine and flowers to the feast. It was a great "ice breaker" to welcome the new neighbors and turned out to be the best neighborhood in which we ever lived.

Enjoy you neighbors! :-)