Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Really Good Sunday

Here is the progress on my black work sampler in red.  The designs are basic yet so intricate that sometimes it looks like they are pulsating.  It makes me a little dizzy.  LOL  It is a lot of fun.  It has also been a lot of work.  I am coming to the end of the second panel (a lot is obscured by that bottom q-snap rail.)  I have one more panel to go.  I have the perfect place picked out for it.  

I have a prayer request: We have had a 15 year old girl named Sierra Lamar from Morgan Hill just up the highway missing for two weeks.  Please keep her family in your prayers.  It is such a tragic horrible thing and my heart just breaks for her parents.  Hundreds of volunteers are looking for her.  With every news update I am glued to the TV hoping for a positive outcome, like I am sure many are.  We pray that she will be returned safely to her family.

I did not sleep well last night due to nightmares and ended up missing church.  When this happens I try to have church somewhere else.  I took Liesl to the beach and walked and thanked and praised Him for His glorious creation.  When I am at the beach it is one of the few times that I feel like I am totally in the moment and all of my senses are alive.  I feel the mist and sun on my face, taste the salt on my lips, hear the waves breaking and the birds calling, see the gorgeous colors and creatures, and smell the clean salt air.  It is amazing. Today the seas were a bit angry and there was a high surf advisory.  The waves were scary and there were  a few rogue waves that hit the beach hard and came in a little too far.  I kept Liesl close to me (she had not interest in playing in the surf today) until we could get to a staircase and walked the rest of the walk at street level.  It was beautiful but I felt it was a little too risky and did not want one of us being swept out.  The waves can be treacherous here but we have a pretty vicious undertow that can pull people out pretty quickly.  

Tonight I got to meet two very old friends of 20 years for dinner.   One I see semi regularly and then a mutual friend that I have not seen or spoken to in about 10 years.  We had a lovely time catching up over a really wonderful dinner.  I realized tonight how much we all have grown. We have all endured the best and worst of times in each of our lives.  Yet I realized how each of those experiences have shaped me into where I am now.  Twenty years ago I was 29 years old.  I like being 49 better.  I feel like I have a lot more wisdom, compassion for others and have grown in my faith.  I also am led more by my own inner compass and do not base my decisions now on what other people will think.  Life really is an incredible journey.  I think the next 20 years are gonna ROCK!

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MaryO said...

I will remember Sierra Lamar in my nightly prayers for a safe return.