Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well, you can tell that another milestone has been passed this week.  It was the week that I took the flannel sheets off of the bed.  This marks the transition from the warm and cozy to the crisp and cool.  I have really soft cotton sheets.  They make me happy.  Every day I spray chamomile linen spray on them so that they smell fresh when I get into bed.  Sadly I am still way sick, so I am having to spend too much time on these sheets...

I haven't called any of my friends in over a week.  I was not feeling well enough to chat.  My best friend is a nurse practitioner and when she called me tonight, she could immediately hear my wheezing and was really concerned.  She told me that I should have called her so that she could bring me chicken soup.  I thought this was such a kind thing to offer and I know she would have done it, too.  I did not want to whine.  She has advised me to stay in bed this weekend again and that she is coming over to tea and to check on me.  She is such a gentle, kind and giving person.  

I may not stay in bed per se, but I do think I will stay home and take care of myself this weekend.  I will just go to Liesl's rally class but stay home and stitch otherwise.  My Better Homes and Gardens magazine just arrived so I can play magazine.  Napping is also good and something that Liesl and I both enjoy.  Yes, I think it will be good to stay in.  I have big plans for next weekend, so I should probably rest up.  It is funny how I can be just as excited about staying in as I can going out.  I think there is a fine art to staying home.  Firstly, I think your home has to filled up with only things that you absolutely love.  Then it is having all of your playthings there, too.  Cross stitch, sewing machine, kitchenwares, gardening stuff, books, magazines, etc.  I love playing at home.  

Well, I think I will go to sleep early yet again and try to beat this bronchitis.  It sounds so awful.  I feel badly for anyone who has to hear me cough.  

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MaryO said...

I hope you feel better very soon!