Monday, April 16, 2012

A Dog Day

Today was a pretty nice day.  The sun was shining and the day was gorgeous.  We got to work and Liesl's very best friend, a Queensland Healer, was there.  She thinks that she is as big as him.  They have been BFF's since they were both about a year old and both are now about five.  (Liesl will be five on August 4th.)  They really wrestle.  She boxes him in the nose and then he puts her whole head in his mouth in a gentle way.  Today for the first time ever they got all cuddled up and were nuzzling each other with their heads and noses.  It was pretty cute.  She loves her best dog friend.  His momma and I got to walk our pups at break and talk gardening.  It made me happy.

I really love what I do for a living.  I love that Liesl gets to come to work with me, too.  Today we had to run errands at Costco at lunchtime.  I found Liesl's treats at about 40% off.  I bought a couple of them and finished up my grocery shopping.  I even got to have a nice Costco hot dog.  It has been a couple of years since I have had one.  It was delicious.  Of course, I had to share with the bearded one.  She only gets little bitty bites though.  She was pretty happy because she thinks that hot dogs are the very best food in the whole world.

I got an email today that Liesl is being promoted into another class.  The class we were in was a little more basic and was packed.  The teacher asked if it would be okay if we moved into a class that is really fun and has a lot of mental stimulation for dogs and people.  They said that it would reinforce the commands that I am interested in at a really fast level.  I am pretty excited.  Liesl will be super excited, too.  She loves it when we are working on her homework.  She is really responding well to her hand signals.

Okay, passing along info.  Petco is having a 20% off sale sitewide on their website and free shipping on orders over $49.  I figure I can order her shampoo, training treats and food for the next several months.  It is a really good deal.  If you are looking for a great toy for your dog, try the Everlasting Fun Ball by Starmark. You fill it with treats and your dog has to work to get them out.  This toy came highly recommended by a behaviorist and Liesl loves it.  She is so impatient when I am filling up the ball. If you are looking for treats, Charlee Bear now makes Chicken Soup flavored.  Liesl goes nuts for these.  I put them in her fun ball and she is pretty happy getting them out.  

I realize that most people love their pets as much as I love my little furgirl. Life would be a little less fun if she was not around.  Dogs rock!

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