Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day Gone To The Dogs

Well, today was back to work for me.  I am still sounding like a seal barking but I was upright and it was a good thing!  Today was a special day for the dogs at work.  Today is the five year anniversary of the search warrant being served at Michael Vick's kennels and approximately 60 dogs were rescued.  Many of these dogs now live in very special loving homes with families that adore them.  One of those loving, special people works with me in my office has a beautiful pitbull named Ginger that was rescued that day.  We all love her so much. Ginger is so well mannered and behaved and she knows that I am usually a soft touch for a cookie.  She can be a little shy, but is just a doll and has a momma that truly dotes on her.  

Today, to celebrate the five year anniversary of her dog being rescued from a truly horrible situation, her momma had a special dog cake made for a dog party with all the dogs at work.  It was chicken meatloaf with veggies with mashed potatoes as icing.  It was beautifully decorated.  The dogs all sat down on a big plastic tablecloth and were given their own pretty paper plate.  Everyone laughed that they could tell who the only child was there because their dogs all live with other dogs, which makes meal time a little speedy.  Liesl, not being used to having to compete her food was slowly eating hers, savoring every bite and smacking her puppy lips long after the others were done.  All of the dogs were so polite and no one tried to snatch anyone else's plate.  Afterwards, there was people cake for the dog moms and daddies, which was delicious.  Each dog was given a party favor of a pretty wrapped bag of treats.  Liesl napped the rest of the day.  I was thinking that I may do something similar for her birthday since she will be five this year.  This is crazy to me because I still think of her as the little 4 month old, eight pound puppy.  

After work, I went over to my friend's ranch to go catch up since I had not seen him for a while.  Liesl slept on the sofa beside me while we talked about all kinds of stuff.  She looked so sweet and so comfy all sunken in to the over stuffed couch. Most of my friends are people of faith and inevitably our conversations turn to faith.  As we were chatting he said, "You know, God has not always given me what I want, but He has always, always, always given me what I needed."  I have been thinking about that this evening.  Whenever I have ever truly needed something-- a job, a friend, or a miracle, He has always provided me with whatever I needed when I asked Him.  When it was something that I wanted, He usually had a better idea for me as my thoughts are a little more limiting than His are.  I have been thinking about this a lot.

As I was getting ready to head for home it was still light out and rainy.  That was when Liesl heard the sound of Public Enemy Numero Uno---SQUIRRELS!  She and her ranch dog friend took off running.  Now if you have never seen a schnauzer run, let me tell you it is a thing of beauty.  They run low to the ground and they are FAST!  She ran up the dirt road past the horse corral and to this huge tree.  I almost felt a little scared that she was just outside the comfort distance for me.  I could barely see her.  She and the squirrels smack talked each other for a while then she figured out her momma wasn't standing there with her and came running back--with mud up to her knee and arm joints.  sigh.  But she was happy and that makes me happy.  She is now chewing her bone next to her bed.  She will want her blankie soon.  

You know, I also, thought several years ago that I wanted a chihuahua when I got a dog.  One who would be obedient, lay on my lap, and just behave.  God had a better idea.  He did not give me the dog I thought I wanted.  He gave me the one that I need.  One that is loving, sassy, stubborn, energetic and funny.  He really knows what is best for me and I am so grateful.

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