Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pardon My Whining

Oh my gosh!  This cold is pure evil.  I swear this is the worst cold that I have had in about 20 years since my kids were small.  I was so sick at work yesterday, counting the hours until I could go home and go to bed.  I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, knowing that I would be hunkering down all weekend with the crud.  I also called friends on my way home to cancel any and all weekend plans.  My dear friend did not even recognize my voice.  I was so bummed because I was supposed to go to a very fancy schmancy gala event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium tonight.

I ended up going to sleep at 8 last night.  Not because I was tired, but because I felt so miserable there was nothing I could do to feel better.  My eyes were all bloodshot, my nose was all red and scaley, I was mouth breathin' and I was slathered with Vick's Vapo Rub.  I was a sexy beast.  LOL.

Today was a tiny bit better.  I had cancelled all of my plans for the day except for Liesl's one hour class.  I was not sure what she had been promoted into and I did not want her to fall behind.  I figured I could get through one hour.  It turns out that she is in the Rally Class, which is kind of like agility, without the equipment.  The dog and the person really need to be paying attention and there are a lot of voice commands and hand signals.  There are only two dogs in the class which is awesome.  I think Liesl will really enjoy it.  It was really rocking her world that everything is done on the trainer's left side of the body and she is used to walking on my right.  She is adapting but it was blowing her mind for a while.  Schnauzers do not like change.  I like it because it is fast paced and she really has to focus.  The teacher of the class told us of upcoming rally events and told us to consider competitive events.  I just think of this as another way to play with my dog.  I prefer it as a fun thing we can do together.

I am so grateful because as I had to cancel plans with friends in the past couple of days, the first thing they ask is if I need anything and do I have groceries in the house.  It gives me a great sense of peace to know that if I am ever truly seriously ill that I have a really great support network.  Even my friend who has the flu offered to swing by my house with groceries as she was headed out.  My friend who recently moved to Texas even called to check on me today after he saw on Facebook that my coworkers were talking about me being the latest with the crud.  I am very humbled by the caring that others extend to me.  Life can be really hard, but it can also be really beautiful when you have so much love in your life.  

One last thing.  Earlier this week I had placed that order with Petco for their 20% of sitewide on their website.  I came home to a large box yesterday filled with the next few months in supplies.  I was able to buy a more expensive spa type shampoo for Liesl than I usually get.  It smells so pretty.  I also got a nice flea shampoo.  We do not need a flea shampoo right now.  However, earlier this week, I was talking with a fellow dog parent.  After several complaints about Frontline not being effective last year, my vet switched to Advantix.  I never give Liesl a full dose of Advantix because she seems to be uncomfortable when she gets it.  I also do not do it every month.  My friend was saying that she has given it up altogether and she has three very active dogs.  She said that she makes sure they get bathed once a week like Liesl does and she vacuums her rugs.  She said that when she really thought about it, the topical flea and tick medications were really a slow poisoning and she did not want to do that to her dogs.  I realized the logic in this and I am only keeping the doses I have on hand for if we have a really bad outbreak.  I keep Liesl bathed, I have hardwood floors, leather furniture and vacuum several times a week, so I think we will stay with this plan.  Thought I would pass the suggestion along...

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Rita said...

It sounds like rest is exactly what you need. I hope you feel back to normal soon.