Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Nice Day

Here is my progress on my Fruit Bell Pull.  You would not believe how many colors are in there!  Most of the colors are blended thread and then there is all of the subtle shading.  My goodness.  It is beautiful.  I am wondering how Teresa Wentzler came up with some of the color combinations.  They are dazzling and I would not think of putting some of them together.  Yet they work in a really awesome way.

There must be 40-60 colors total in the overall bell pull.  I finally gave up earlier this week and took the floss off the cards (which were actually paper) and wound them onto bobbins.  The reason for this was because some of the lengths of floss were like six to nine feet (or longer) while others were about three feet lengths.  Every time I went to pull one color, it would start bunching up all of the others.  I knew it was only a matter of time until I either lost a length or it all became a big, tangled mess.  There are so many bobbins!  There are too many to have on rings so I just put them all in my chicken box.  Hopefully, this will make the process of pulling a color a bit easier and mess free.

After reading about it on the Twisted Stitcher blog, I decided to finally watch the show "Duck Dynasty."  Oh my goodness, this show is laugh out loud funny.  I love this family and how they really stick together.  I also love how they always end the show with them saying grace around the dinner table.  They each also have a really good sense of humor. This is my new favorite show.  

I got to watch a little bit of a marathon of Duck Dynasty on Demand while I cleaned the Cozy Cottage today.  It was totally out of control and there were puppy toys everywhere.  I even had to get the collection of balls that had rolled under the TV cabinet in the past few weeks. I pick the toys up every single evening, and yet I get to run the obstacle course every day.  A certain schnauzer loves her toys and plays with every single one of them every day.  Hence the spread of stuffed toys and balls everywhere.  I also had to wipe down the kitchen counters before new life forms started on them.  Yuck.

So now it is nice and quiet.  I will get to read in a few minutes.  Right now I am just enjoying the peace and reflecting on the day.  It was another gift and I am so grateful!


Laura said...

Hi Patti,

Your work is stunning! I am slowly getting back to working on TW's Tradewinds - it is amazing all the blended colors and shading she came up with in her work.

One thing I found that worked for me is to use LoRan Project Cards - they have openings for each color of floss used - I cut all my floss for the project in 18 in lengths (or close to that) and have them on it - I am using almost 3 full cards but it does make it a lot easier to have similar lengths of blended floss.

Glad you had a good day!


Gillie said...

I am so impressed with your progress. I began this back in the 90s when it was issued in parts by JCS and gave up! I was new to cross stitching and just got overwhelmed!

Ruth said...

I am so impressed with your new bell pull. It is gorgeous. Your work is beautiful. Know you are enjoying the stitching.