Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Rain Has Arrived

We had our first rain of the season today.  It came complete with thunder.  I thought that like most dogs, I would have a frightened schnauzer.  Luckily, this did not come to pass.  I seem to recall that back in the Spring, we had a really wild storm with thunder and lightening one night.  The furry one slept through the whole thing.  She was unfazed today by the thunder.  You just never know...

I am happy to report that the new dog bed went over pretty well last night.  So well that I could not get her out of it this morning.  I got up, took my shower, etc.  She was still lounging in the same place that I left her.  Usually she is too interested in what I am doing.  Today she had her comfy on.  Now I will tell you that schnauzers have really big, intense brown eyes.  However, their version of the hairy eyeball is to look at you out of the corner of their eye so that just a sliver of the whites of their eyes are showing.  This is the look that I got as I told her it was time to get up.  She just looked at me with a look that said, "I don't think so, Tim."  This evening, she must have decided that she was going to watch TV in bed in the living room, because I found it wedged up against the bedroom door frame.  I guess she was trying to drag it into the hallway and then into the living room.  Alas, the bed is too huge for her small self to get through the doorway.  

So tonight I decided that I really wanted to do some stitching.  I went into one of my boxes of kits and pulled out a small Lori Birmingham needle roll to play with.  It begins with a drawn thread heart.  Drawn thread technique is pretty cool how it somewhat invisibly distorts the fabric.  It is a small project so I think I will be done with it within a week or so.  I don't really have a need for a needleroll, but it sure is purty.

Speaking of small projects, Laura sent me a link to a site with beautiful free French designs.  I have to say that I am absolutely dazzled by the beautiful color combinations.  The designs are so pretty and I know that I will be stitching some of them in the future.  Thank you for sharing, Laura!  Here is the link:

I have one more link to share.  Someone on 123stitch has actually completed this redwork quilt.  It is so adorable.  I do love redwork.  I think that it has such a nostalgic, vintage look to it.  Combined with the quilt patterns, this is a truly remarkable piece.  I have it bookmarked in hopes that someday it will be part of my collection.  Enjoy!

Well, I am off to dream about patterns, needle and thread.  

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Natasha said...

I am glad she likes her bed. After seeing your post the other day I am thinking I should go and get my pups a new bed, mainly for Samson. He is all the place at night when it comes to sleeping. He just can't stay in one spot all night. Last night for example he started out in our bed *blam my husband* LOL then he went to the couch, behind the bedroom door, by the slider in the living room and into the bedroom closet only then to cry at 4:30 am waking me because he wanted in bed. Yes, this needs to stop LOL

We did not recieve any of the thinder that most people got, I would have enjoyed getting some but not Samson, he chases it and barks at the sky.

Have a great day