Friday, October 12, 2012


Here is the progress that I made this evening on my needle roll.  I still have quite a bit to do in the way of silk ribbon flowers.  I have already made the light green leaves on the vine there with the silk ribbon and the rosebuds on the top row.  It is hard to see them because I had to lay the piece over the arm of the sofa to get enough light to take a photo.  It is easier than I remembered but the silk ribbon is a bit bulky to work with and does not always want to turn the way that I want it to.  I think it will be so pretty when I finish it.

I am really glad that I was working on the needlepoint piece with the cherries but I am reminded how much I really love cross stitch while I am working on this.  I will have to see which pattern calls to me after this.  I may stick to small ornaments since I get pretty instant gratification from finishing a small piece quickly.

I am thinking that now that it is getting to be hot cocoa season that I need to make some homemade marshmallows.  If you have never had a homemade marshmallow you are missing out.  They are little pillows from Heaven.  Once you have one you will not be in want of the store bought.  The homemade ones are so easy to make and are much lighter and softer.  If you need an awesome recipe, the best one is from Martha Stewart.  She totally rocks the homemade marshmallow.  Here is a link: Marshmallow Recipe  

I thought I would share an update on the new Liesl bed.  It is a big hit.  She uses the bolster as a pillow and really nestles into her bed.  She just looks so comfortable and happy.  I am glad that I got it for her.  I shared the other day that she has a bed with bean bag filling that she is sorta scared of.   This does not stop her from trying to beat it up, however.  When I am playing with her on the floor in the living room, I will lay my head down on it to show her it is okay and I will tell her it is my bed.  Tonight she was hanging out in the kitchen sniffing around for something to eat, because Heaven knows, she is starving.  I laid my head down on her bed and rustled it around.  Then I called out to her that her bed is momma's bed.  She came tearing out of the kitchen all huffy and jumped over me so that she would be behind me.  That was when I felt the tapping of a front paw on my back like she was gonna push me off.  (Have I mentioned she is only a foot tall?)  I had to laugh at her.  She was smiling like she thought she was hilarious.  There may be hope for that bed yet.

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