Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cold Tuesday

Well, here is a bit more progress than when I last posted.  This square is actually going a bit faster than I originally thought it would.  There are a lot of color changes and it does take time to gather together the blended threads.  However, it is coming together.  I am thinking my next project may have to be monochromatic.

You will notice that my stitches are kind of willy-nilly.  That is how I roll.  I am in awe of the folk who can work in a section that has straight lines like an old dot matrix printer.  I have also seen it worked in sections like a square, again with straight edges.   Although I will probably stick to my old meandering ways, I would love to know how this is done.  If anyone can point me in the direction of an online tutorial or explain it to me I would love to know how it is done.  I am just curious.

It is really cold here tonight.  The sky is super clear which makes it really cold.  I took Liesl out a little while ago to take care of her business one last time.  I had to hurry her along so that I could go back inside.  I could not believe that it was unbearably hot last week.  

So I have something cool to share.  I had never heard of this until last evening.  I was talking with a friend of mine who told me that she finally got to see something that she had tried to see for years.  Apparently there is a phenomenon of an emerald green spark that shows up just as the sun sets on the horizon.  It appears above the sun.  My friend was really excited about it.  Of course, Google is our friend, so I had to do a search on it today.  There was information on it that explained the scientific basis for it.  Bottom line though is that I just think it is cool.  I shall have to look at even more sunsets.

I feel very blessed that I get to watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean.  It is so beautiful here and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with awe at the beauty that I get to see.  The California coastline is truly miraculous.  There are so many colors to it.  Added to that are the many colors that the water can appear to be.  Some days it is a vivid green, or a fantastic blue.  Then there are times it can vary from silver to gray.  It is pretty to look at.  With an average temperature around here though of 55 degrees F, it is a bit too cold to swim in.  I am always surprised when I see people swimming and playing in it.  Brrrr.  I grew up on the east coast and remember fondly that the Atlantic is a bit warmer. ( Of course, I remember as a kid that I would also stay in the water even if my lips were blue from the cold and my teeth were chattering.  LOL  

Wishing you a happy day!

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