Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Progress

I just wanted to take a moment to show my progress on my fruit bell pull.  This is square one of six.  It is the peaches square.  There are a lot blended threads and confetti stitches in this.  It will be beautiful when it is done but it is really a challenge.  This is one of the few designs that I have made a working copy of and it is meticulously marked off with highlighter pen.  

It is nice to be cross stitching again.  I have been playing with the other forms of needlework and I feel like I have come home.

One thing that I love to do on a Saturday afternoon is to watch HGTV.  It is a bad influence on me though. They me considering playing the lottery so that I can do all of the cool stuff that is on this these shows.  I have decided that I need to start hanging out at the closest Lowe's so that I can have one of the house crasher deals happen at my house.  That would be so awesome.  Now mind you today they had on something totally cool that I have never seen before.  It was a built in cabinet which held an electronic composter for kitchen scraps.  Brilliant!  I would so love that because I feel major guilt when I have to throw things like banana peels in the garbage.  I do not have a composter in the backyard because they are known to attract rats and mice.  No bueno.  I am also concerned for Liesl's safety and want to do everything  I can to keep the raccoon out of the yard.  (They are absolutely vicious to dogs & can do major damage to dogs much larger than themselves.)

Not much else to report, it was a gray day after an unexpected rain last night.  It was a good day to stitch and Liesl was happy as always to nap the afternoon away.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info regarding TJ. We have a 100 mile round trip to get to one but get off our mountain often. I'll be getting some for sure.
Your bell pull is really looking great. Now dont you wish you had a "servent" so you could use it as it was intended? LOL !!
Keep up the great blog and I'll keep checking in!

Sierra Sue in Twain Harte, Ca.