Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Furry Girl

Hmmm.  It has been quite the day.  Liesl was being a total schnauzer today and decided that I was not the boss of her.  Schnauzers are totally renown for their stubbornness and today was about a 11 on a scale of 1-10.  LOL  Oy vey.  We do not have this happen very often and I chock it up to the fact that everyone has an off day, even our furry friends.  What I did tonight was gave her my full attention.  This included going through her trick repertoire with Charlie Bear treat rewards to reinforce who was in charge.  She was back to her usual lovable self and was ready to receive her hugs and kisses.  She must be tired with the change of seasons and all. After three days of heat wave, it was cool again today.  She went to her bed kinda early. 

Here is a photo of Liesl all tucked in that I took a little while ago.  Liesl has a certain way that she likes to be tucked in.  First of all, she likes to sleep without a collar at night.  I would imagine that it is not terribly comfy to wear one laying down.  Then she likes to be tucked into her blankie and waits for me to do it "right."  She does not like to be all the way under the blanket.  She only wants her legs tucked in.  Then she likes the blanket to be piled up under her chin like a pillow.  She snuggles her head in until it is just right.  Here she is getting her comfy on.  She had been falling asleep but had to open one eye when she heard the camera ping on.  

I love to look at Liesl when she is so comfy and cozy.  It usually makes me fall in love with her little wonderful self all over again.  I am so grateful that I get to have her companionship on good days and bad.  I am grateful that she trusts me to take good care of her.  She knows and trusts in the fact that at the end of the day, she will get all tucked in to her favorite pink blanket in her comfy golden retriever sized bed, and that in the morning she will get her breakfast warmed up.  I believe that the reason we love our pets so much is not only because we received unconditional love from them.  I think it is that we get to love them purely and unconditionally.   

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A wonderful post Patti :)