Monday, October 1, 2012

Melty Monday

Holy smokes!  It is hot.  Like 90 degrees hot.  It is really warm in the house.  Apparently we get one more day like this and our three days of summer are over.  Then it is on to fall.  For now though it is crazy hot.  I took myself over to Taco Bell because they have an amazing frozen strawberry lemonade. It is way yummy and totally refreshing on a day like today.

I can't remember what I was watching last night but a commercial came on for a movie.  I think it has Judy Densch (LOVE her!) in it.  There was a line in it that really caught my attention.  A man in the movie said, "Remember all things work out in the end.  If things are not working out, it is not the end." I thought that this was a pretty powerful line.  I think I am going to write it down and post it on my refrigerator.  After a few years of ups and downs I too believe that things work out, though not always the way that I thought they would.  I have invested way too much worrying over many things that have never manifested.  I also have found that generally God's plan for me tends to be much better than my dreams for myself. 

It was way too hot to cook dinner tonight so I made a really old standby, English Muffin Pizza.  I made them for my kids when they were small, and have to admit that I love them myself.  I saw that I had some yummy Trader Joe's Pizza Sauce in the fridge with some of the fresh mozzarella balls.  It made for a pretty tasty pizza and only takes about ten minutes in the oven.  I had a fresh salad with it.  Yum.

Now I have to tell you that Miss Liesl has become rather fond of salad.  Dogs really are omnivores, and schnauzers in particular should eat more fruits and veggies.  Like I mentioned yesterday, she has a broccoli fetish.  In the past week, she will not leave me alone when I am eating a salad.  I thought it might be because there was cheese in the salad dressing, but she has been scarfing up my lettuce.  I take the remnant of my salad and put it in her bowl.  Here I have been spending money on dog biscuits and I could have just been giving her lettuce as a treat.  Who knew?!

So now it is super quiet in the house.  I am hoping for a nice cool breeze at some point.  Everything is really still though.  It is kind of nice.  The only real sound is soft puppy snores.  She has had all of the fun that she could have today.  I think I have had all of the fun that I could have, too.  So I will say good night and wish you many good things tomorrow.

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April said...

Hey Patti, Hope it does cool for you soon. It was 67 here in Alabama today.. Our cocker spaniel Rebel would eat tomatoes, pickles and some onion one time.. It amazes me what the furbabies will eat.