Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well, I have hit the big milestone of the season.  I put the flannel sheets on the bed tonight.  After being cold last night, I made the decision that the day had arrived.  I forgot how soft and wonderful they are.  It is kind of like a hug when you are sleeping.  The next milestone is when it gets cold enough where Liesl says, "Hike it over, Mom.  I am here to share the covers."  It is one of the rare seasons where I get to snuggle with her.  She gets under the blankets and sleeps with her back against my hip with her nose towards the foot of the bed.  I wonder how she breathes like that, but she always seems really content.  Puppy warmth is the best warmth in the world.

I had a wonderful surprise earlier.  My sweet neighbor came to my door with a huge bag of tomatoes.  Her granddaughter was dropping them off and there were way too many for her so she brought me some, too.  I heart my neighbors.  I waved to her grand daughter and called out my thank you.  She asked me if I wanted more.  I was so grateful for the large ziploc bag stuffed full already and I did not want them to spoil before I could devour them all.  Tonight for dinner I treated myself to a tomato sandwich.  Soft bread, mayonnaise, tomato slices, & salt and pepper.  Heaven!  

This neighborhood is a pretty special place.  We have what we refer to as a self enforced neighborhood watch.  Everyone watches out for each other and knows who should be around whose home.  It is nice to be in such a stable neighborhood, particularly since there are less and less of them these days.  I sure miss my neighbor, Bill, and talking over the fence with him.  I really appreciate everyone else who is still here.  It was sort of funny because I few weeks ago, a U-Haul truck pulled up to one of the neighbors' home.  I knew that in addition to me, there were several sets of eyes watching to make sure it was the neighbor himself involved.  It gives me comfort to know that when I am not home.

Well, I am off to dream sweet dreams of cross stitch, puppies, and warm cocoa...

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Littlebit said...

I was just telling my husband that the flannel sheets are going to feel good tonight! Ahhhh..we are heading to cold. Love it..the cozy nights later in the week..stitching with a quilt on my cranberry tea.