Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Last year after Halloween I bought Liesl a pair of fairy wings on clearance at Target.  I had intended on having her wear them this year.   Liesl does not like to wear clothes of any sort, including her rain coat, which is where I draw the line.  Trying to put clothes on her usually results in a dramatic episode worthy of Oscar buzz.  She will normally act like her legs are buckling under the weight, then droop her head down.  When she does get up, she does the stiff legged walk.  Drama.  So I did not want to put either of us through the actual donning of the fairy wings.  There is always next year...

I do not get to hand out candy on Halloween.  Every knock on the door is met with an apoplectic Barky  von Schnauzer.  Schnauzers are bred to sound the alarm as watchdogs.  My girl takes her job seriously, even though she is only a foot tall.  A knock on the door will have her yelling, "Security!" at the top of her puppy lungs.  I figure that it is just too stressful for her and I do not want a child to get scared by a barking dog.  I would love to see the kids in their little costumes though.

So tonight I had to turn off the porch light, keep the lights low in the house and crawl commando style under the windows.  LOL  Just kidding.  It was nice to keep the house kind of quiet and there were two new episodes of Duck Dynasty on.  Bonus!  That show just cracks me up.  I just love that family.  

Lastly, I have to tell another Liesl story.  As I usually do, tonight I told Liesl it was time to go to bed.  Usually she waits while I turn on the lights in the bedroom,  put my water glass in the dishwasher, pick up the last of the puppy toys, put the throw on the back of the sofa, then turn out the lights.  Tonight I finished putting the throw on the back of the sofa then looked on the rug where she had been to tell her it was time to go into her bed.  I did not see her where she was last laying down.  I looked around the living room and did not see her.  I called her name.  Nothing.  I did not think she had passed me on the way to the bedroom but I looked in there.  Again, I did not see her.  I looked in my home office to see if she went to lay down in there.  Nada.  I was a bit puzzled.  So I went into the kitchen and flipped on the light.  I did not see her in there either, so I stood there for a moment with my hands on my hips, trying to figure out what happened.  That was when she came trotting out from behind the table and chairs, with a huge happy grin.  She had been hiding all along and thought she was hilarious.  I guess I got a Halloween trick.  She made me laugh, so I gave her a little Halloween treat.  What a character.

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