Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back To My Bell Pull

My poor bell pull has been stashed away since before Christmas.  I happened to stumble across it today and realized how much I miss it.  As you can see, I am almost done with the grapes square.  After this is completed, I believe the next square is apples.  I still need to finish up the back of the Hardanger heart, but I am taking a little break from it since I have had to pull out my work so much.  Working on linen is difficult with the uneven nature of the weave.  You can have a huge puffy thread next to a super hairline thin thread, which can totally mess you your count.  But I digress...

So now my fruit bell pull is calling to me again.  I may try to get some stitches put into this weekend.  

Teresa Wentzler, the designer of this piece announced yesterday that she and Leisure Arts are re-releasing some of her out of print designs, like the Fruit Bellpull and Peacock Tapestry.  This should make a lot of stitchers who love her designs happy.  I realize that designs go OOP for a variety of reasons, but I wish this were not the case.  (Which is why I love Lavender and Lace patterns.  They never go OOP.)  The prices get so inflated on ebay and the designers do not get to benefit from it.  The one pattern that I would love to have come back into print is Mirabilia's Seaside Kingdom.  I love the vintage nostalgic look of it.  However, the prices are really high, IF you can find it.  I am still kicking myself for missing out on getting it back in the day.

Now, if you are considering stitching this bell pull, be aware that there are a lot of blended threads and a lot of confetti stitching.  So it is a challenge and can be slow going.  However, it is more stunning than photos can show so it is so worth it.  

On the reading front, I am back to reading yet another book about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.  I so love this period of British history.  This book is called "Bring Up The Bodies."  I knew it was going to be a good one when the librarian checking out my book load, said that she could not wait to read it and is on the wait list.  I am waiting to see how this compares to The Other Boleyn Girl which got me totally hooked on anything by Philippa Gregory.  I do not think I would have done well in the politics of royal courts.  


wilma boer said...

TW has many lovely designs... you're making great progress on this one! I've done two of hers (both 'smaller' ones) and enjoyed the challenge!

Rita said...

Beautiful project! I look forward to watching your progress.

quiltluvr said...

Selfishly I am glad you are back on your bell pull :). Your heart is beautiful but I love seeing your progression on the fruit, all the colors blending are so pretty.

I don't like working on linen because of what you said with the uneven weave. It's pretty but frustrating!