Monday, January 28, 2013

Good News!

Well, I got my results back for my first of three certifications that I am working on in order to get a professional license.  I had submitted the test for grading on Friday morning.  I have been on pins and needle all weekend (while studying for my next certification exam.)  So the verdict is in and I got a 98 out of 100.  Happy dancing!  I can't celebrate for too long, though, because this second exam is longer and is looming over my head.  I have been cramming so much detailed information into my brain that it is hard to have conversations about anything other than what I am studying.  I am so excited that I have cleared my first hurdle though!

I have taken a couple of small breaks from all of the studying.  I pulled out my knitting and watched Downton Abbey last night.  I did not knit for long, because I was sobbing through the whole show.  I did not see that coming!  Holy Smokes.  

I tried tonight watching something a little less intellectually stimulating.  I have shared in past posts that I absolutely adore classical music, classic literature, fine art, fine food and wine.  However, I also love really trashy reality shows like Real Housewives and Shahs of Sunset.  Tonight was RHOBH so I had to settle in and knit and watch grown women act like they are in high school.  I totally love it.  So anyway, here is the progress I have made on my silly little scarf.  As usual, the photo does not capture the colors really well.  The colors are actually much more organic looking.

So now I am turning off the facts, figures and law that I am studying.  Time to turn my attention to cozy things like a small dog who is softly snoring.  The wind blowing outside.  The chowder that I would like to make for tomorrow's dinner.  I have been spending some time dreaming about the perfect garden that I want to put in this spring.  I think about Liesl frolicking in the garden, chasing bees (and me telling her to knock it off.)  I have a low maintenance yard right now, which includes drought resistant plants.  However, I envision more of a cottage garden.  My plan includes putting in a plot of grass that is just for Liesl to roll around in and play in.  She loves to lay down in the grass on a warm day.  So I need to find a grass that is nice and soft for her.  I am thinking about the beautiful flowers and the tomatoes that I want to plant.  I am so looking forward to spring!


Rita said...

Congratulations on your exam!!!

Good luck on the next one.

I think it's a good idea to rest your brain a'll be more refreshed when you get back to studying.

I love your scarf...beautiful colors.

Patti said...

Wow, 98 out of 100!! That is great news! I am sure you will do just as well on your next exam.

Love the colors in that scarf, so pretty.

What great plans you have for your yard and I love the idea of a soft patch of grass for your little Liesl, how sweet! She is a lucky dog to have you for a mommy : )