Friday, January 25, 2013


I am so tired tonight.  I was up into the wee hours last night taking an online exam for a certification.  I was a bit stressed and admittedly, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so I ended up being really, really stressed over it.  I had finished it and obsessively checked it over and over again until around 12:30 am.  I tend to suffer from pretty bad insomnia anyway but my wanting to get this done so perfectly caused enough stress that I was awake until about 3 am.  There comes a point where all I can do is get out of bed and do something else.  So I picked up my knitting and watched television.  Newsflash :  There is nothing really on at that time. If we were back in the day, the National Anthem would be playing and there would be that still photo of the flag, until the station went off for the night.  

I got to get together with my knitting group the other night.  It had been way too long (like last spring) since we got together.  I love my little knitting group.  We always have dinner together and then sit and talk.  Sometimes we even knit.  LOL  The other night it was held at a mansion in Pebble Beach.  My friend is the house manager there and is allowed to invite us over.  The house sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and is the most amazing house I have ever seen, complete with movie theater, game room, and huge library.  My friend is also the personal chef and makes food that could make me weep with joy.  We always have a theme for our little potluck dinners, and  the other night the theme was Italian.  My friend made a lasagna that I will remember the rest of my life.  It was absolute perfection.  

I ended up bringing an olallieberry cobbler.  Olallieberries are a regional food here and tend to be grown in coastal areas where there is a lot of fog.  They originated in Oregon and are a cross between a loganberry and a youngberry, which in turn is a hybrid cross of a blackberry, raspberry and dewberry.  They have a very unique taste.  We have a farm up the coast a bit near Santa Cruz that grows them.  They sell 8lb bags of them.  I bought a bag and stashed it in my freezer last summer.  I remembered it as I was trying to decide on dessert.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it, which made me happy.  

It was a really nice evening.  It looks like we are going to try harder to keep it going now, which makes me happy.  We were talking while we ate our dessert about what the theme for dinner next time should be.  I offered that we should try a retro dinner night.  The ideas that were coming forth were great!  My friend said she could make a casserole.  Okay, she is from the mid-west so she called it "hot-dish."  She said that it would have the obligatory ground beef, macaroni noodles and cream of mushroom soup.  Another person said she would bring the jello mold.  It got us all talking about retro foods.  That was when the discussion about a casserole made with tater tots got going.  We all lamented how much we miss tater tots.  (I actually keep a bad of Trader Joe's tater tots in my freezer for days when I feel like something that tastes just a little bit like junk food.  Okay, that and Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts.)  So it will be interesting to see what happens at the next dinner.  Everyone seemed inspired by the idea of it.  I think it will be fun.  

Well, wish me luck that I sleep tonight.  

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