Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End Of The Holidays

Oh, my goodness.  This has been a wonderful holiday season and I am so grateful for time spent with family and friends.  After months of a pretty strict doctor ordered diet, I have been eating some pretty rich foods in the past couple of weeks.  Today I had a social event to attend.  The food was beyond delicious!  Meatballs, fondue, salami, fancy cheeses, etc.  I am so stuffed hours later.  With all of the delicious, rich, decadent foods I have consumed in the past couple of weeks, I am now craving a really good salad.   It was so much fun while it lasted... 

Now I am looking forward to a happy and healthy 2013.  I feel so optimistic about this year.  I do not really make resolutions.  I do tend to have an ongoing set of small goals that I set for myself.  I have a few projects that I really want to get done on my house this year.  Other than that I just try to remember to stay in the moment and walk in gratitude.

I have been thinking that it is wonderful to have had the holidays with the people that I love.  I also think that the people that I love and who love me are what made my everyday life pretty wonderful, too.  I love my ordinary days and feel so blessed.  So many good friends, good books, good meals, things to stitch, beautiful places to take Liesl for walks, and a soft place to lay my head at night.  

So the sun has set on the holiday season. The decorations have been put away.  Christmas cards with such loving messages are put away in my desk drawer so that I can enjoy them all year.  The last of the Christmas cookies are in the freezer.  The challenge going forward is to keep the spirit and joy of the holidays through the upcoming year.  There really is so much to be joyful about.

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