Saturday, January 26, 2013

Puttering Around The Cozy Cottage

It is so hard to get motivated to do anything when you wake up on a Saturday to a day that is gray and cloudy.  Generally, this kind of weather calls for a long cup of coffee, getting under my heated throw blanket, and stitching with a small dog snoozing next to me.  It is always kind of weird when the sun comes out later in the morning, and you feel like you should be doing something, but you still have your cozy going which causes inner turmoil.  Sadly, the sofa time was cut short because the cozy cottage was a bit untidy and stuff had to get done.

Part of my activity today called for a b-a-t-h for Liesl.  She has been sticking her head into gopher holes and her beard was a bit gross as a result.  Plus she was starting to smell like a dog, so it was time to hit the tub.  Liesl tends to go with the flow with the bath.  She figured out when she was pretty small that baths go faster when she just goes with it and stands still.  Now she is all clean.  I love to smell the top of her head for the few days after she has her bath.  I am still letting her grow out her hair so she stays warm.  It is getting really curly and is super soft when I kiss her on her sweet little head.

On the stitching front, I have been looking at some freebie Valentine designs.  I would really like to make some for a few friends, but I am wondering if I will have the time.  Some of the designs that are out there are so adorable and look like pretty quick and easy stitches.  It is the finishing that always slows me down.  :)

I totally forgot to mention the best part of knitting night the other night.  My friend who was hosting was going through her craft things recently and decided to get rid of her cross stitch supplies.  She gave me a whole box of kits, fabric and floss the other night.  It was like Christmas.  I still have to finish going through them.  There were some beautiful Paula Vaughan kits in the box.  I am a happy girl. 

Most of the day today I spent studying for my next certification exam.  I know, you are thinking how glamorous my life is that I get to study accounting all the time.  So exciting!  LOL  I am learning a lot, but my brain is getting a little mushy from all of this hitting the books.  I will have federal employment law provisions dancing in my head tonight...


MaryO said...

Good luck on your exams Patty! I'm sure you'll pass w/flying colors!
San Pedro, CA

wilma boer said...

Hi Patti...great blog! I've just become your newest follower ;)

Patti said...

Thank you, Mary! I appreciate your good thoughts.

Wilhelmina, welcome. Thank you for your kind words.