Monday, January 14, 2013


I love this part of the evening where everything is absolutely quiet and still.  Liesl has been tucked into her little puppy bed.  If I strain to hear her, the sounds of soft puppy breaths are there.  It is very cold again tonight and there is barely any moon, so it is extremely dark.  Other than the sounds of my typing, everything is perfectly quiet.  

I worked a bit on my ornament tonight.  I am still making the back for it.  It is hard because it does not have the reference points of the front and I am working on linen instead of even weave.  I shall not make that error again.  I have had to rip out the buttonhole stitch several times and hope that this is the last time I shall ever have to do it again.  The ornament is so beautiful.  I am wondering if I should make another small or if I should go back to working on my bell pull after this is done.

Speaking of bell pulls, after watching Downton Abbey last night, I have decided that I need staff to respond to my bell pull.  LOL  Okay, the current budget does not allow for staff and given what I see on that show, I am not sure I would want that much drama and scheming under my roof.  Oy vey!  In any case, did anyone else cry their eyes out like me for Lady Edith last night?  Oh my gosh!  I could not believe it!  

I got to spend some time with one of my closest friends, she took me out for our favorite super nachos at one of the local Mexican restaurants.  These nachos are some of the best you could ever eat.  We actually have a pact that we will only eat these nachos when we are together.  I just adore the time I get to spend with my dear friend.  We can talk about really serious topics like religion, family, books, or the serious illnesses that we both have to get through in the past few years.  Today, however, we had to go through a serious in-depth analysis of our favorite television shows-Shahs of Sunset, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills AND Atlanta, and Downton Abbey. It was a highly intelligent conversation where we both laughed a lot.  

So I am at the point of my day, where I am so grateful for everything in my life.  I appreciate the peace of this evening, my sweet Liesl nestled in her little bed, the clear night sky bursting with so many stars, and my feet feeling warm under my blankets.  I am grateful for my friends, for good books, and trashy television shows.  Life is a beautiful thing and there are so many gorgeous facets to it!

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I just love this should've been a writer. I love reading your posts.

Have a very Peaceful Quiet Night

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