Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

It is hard to believe that it is already Lent.  Didn't we just have Christmas?  I went to Ash Wednesday service.  I like the quiet nature of Ash Wednesday service.  

I have decided this year that instead of giving something up for Lent, I am going to add something or give something this season.  I am working on my Chrismons and I hope to have forty of them made by the end of Lent.  Some are stitched, but some will be made of other materials.   I think it will be good to look at the symbols.  I am also being more prayerful and reflective this season.   

Kind of changing lanes here a bit, I was happy to see the Affenpinscher win at Westminster.  One of the reasons is because Affenpinschers were bred with small schnauzers to bring about what is now the Miniature Schnauzer.  So we kind of keep the win in the schnauzer family.   LOL  I do have to say that Banana Joe is one adorable little dog.  The sheepdog that came in second was pretty special, too.  What a beautiful dog.  Oh, and the German wire haired...  Okay, just dogs in general.  All are beautiful.  I was happy to hear them kind of telling the stories of some of the dogs just having regular lives outside of the show ring, too.  One even goes to work with his daddy who is in the construction business.  

I was happy to come home tonight after church to my fur girl.  She is good company on the sofa while I stitch.  I have 1 3/4 Chrismons done.  Chrismons can only be in three colors, white, silver and gold, so I am working with metallics.  My goodness, that stuff has a life of its own.  However, the finished results are so pretty and so sparkly.

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stitchinrose said...

Love the stories about your little furbabie. I love the sparkly of the metallic thread, but it makes me nuts, you find a way to make it behave, besides prayer (that I already do) please tell us. :o} Advent has always been my favorite season. A calmness away from the worldly noise and bustle. Have a happy valentines day