Friday, February 1, 2013

Her Schnauzerness...

First of all, I so want to thank each of you that takes the time to leave a comment.  It really means so much to me that you do that.  I think it goes with the thought that taking the time to do something that may seem small to you can be really big for the person that it is for.  So thank you.  Many times your comments really make my day.

Now along with that, quiltluvr asked to see photos of Liesl and her curly locks.  Her hair tends to get much longer in winter but here is what she looks like now:

I got these when she was playing.   She likes to get every single toy she owns out of the toy box every night.  With her favorites she makes a pile and then lays on it.  That full sized bunny there is her favorite.  You can see that it has seen better days.  The ladybug in the front is missing its face.  She did not like it looking at her...

Anyway that kind of shows the curls she has on her head.  She is hard to get photos of because once she realizes I am taking pictures, she starts moving around.  My camera's shutter speed is not that fast so generally it means that I have photos of a tail, an ear or empty space where seconds earlier a dog was standing.

Back to her curls--she will get curlier before the winter is done.  I am trimming up her skirt, her eyebrows and the beard in the next week.  The thing that always cracks me up when her hair gets to a certain length is that she gets a point on top of her head.  It is kind of like a kewpie doll.   When I am walking her, all I can see is that little point.  It makes me giggle.

I am still really excited about my score for the exam that I took yesterday.  I received my first certification in the mail today.  It is so pretty and has a gold seal and everything.  Now I am preparing for my next exam, which looks like it will be the most difficult.  So I will be studying again this weekend.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...


Laura said...

Hi Patti,

Liesl is so cute :) and her hair looks so silky and healthy too! Thank you for sharing her photos with us. Also, a big congratulations to you on passing your exams as well as you have! That is awesome :)

Hope you have a great weekend,


Gillie said...

Congratulations! You need to show us the gold seal, lol, as well as the divine Miss L!

quiltluvr said...

Liesl has such shiny pretty hair! I never knew their hair was curly since their typical haircut is so short. Thanks so much for the pictures!

I'll have to google schnauzers now and see how their haircut came about. I assume it was helpful for their hunting.

Patti said...

Thank you for all of the sweet comments.

quiltluvr, the reason for their haircut is two-fold: The shave on the back is to show their muscles.

Their faces were groomed they way that they are due to one of their uses as watchdogs (they sound the alarm, but very rarely will bite.) In the marketplace, vendors wanted the dogs to look as scary and formidable as possible so they were groomed to look like the devil, with the pointy beard, etc. They can look very scary when they are being protective. However, anyone who knows one knows that they are total goofballs.

One last note. In the old days in Germany, the beards were allowed to harden almost like a shellac as a protection against the rats that they would be chasing.

Have a happy day!


quiltluvr said...

Very interesting, thanks!

Maria Nazareth said...

Liesl is so cute kiss her for me
congrats to you for passing your exam