Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Hullaballoo!

Thank you very much for the beautiful birthday wishes.  Your comments always mean so much to me, and today they were especially appreciated.  I so appreciate your kindness for taking the time to write a comment or to send me a good thought.

It was an awesome day!   I woke up feeling wonderful and magical today.  I feel like I have stepped into a new wonderful era of my life.  I took my time easing into the day then stepped out to purchase a new little outfit for my birthday.  I wanted to look pretty because my best friend was throwing a birthday party for me tonight.

It was really wonderful to be surrounded by so much love tonight.  My friends made a huge dinner and invited most of my very favorite people to be there.  It was my awesome kids and my dear friends and we had such a great time.  I felt so fortunate to just be with so many people that I care about at one time.  My friend's springer spaniel even got into the act and laid across my feet a few times.  It was such a great party and one that I will never forget.  I was surprised to get presents, too.  I was just so happy to be around my friends.  Everyone gave me such thoughtful gifts.  I will take photos tomorrow.  It is too late tonight and I feel like I am drifting off while I write this post.

The best part of the evening, was as always, coming home to a furry face that looked so happy to see me.  She even gave me a gift.  She has willingly sat on my lap a couple of times since I got home and cuddled.  Liesl does not do laps, so this was a special treat.  When she does let me cuddle her, I rest my lips on the top of her head and give her kisses.  I also love to smell the top of her head.  The scent is a mixture of dog shampoo, grass, and dog.  There is something so comforting about it.  

So it has been a wonderful birthday celebration so far.  In addition to the festivities, Tony Stewart won today!  Tomorrow is the Daytona 500!  Life just keeps getting better and better.

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