Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vintage Stash

The other day I had to go to the local craft store to pick up a small piece of ribbon.  Our local craft store also sells cute fabrics from companies like Michael Miller and Moda.  They have a beautiful selection of fabrics at pretty reasonable prices.  Of course the ribbon that I need is in the fabric section so I had to talk past the adorable selection of Valentine themed fabrics.  That was when my eyes fell upon this awesome vintage Valentine fabric.  I had to have it.  I so love anything vintage. Best of all, it was 25% off!  Bonus!  The super nice ladies that work in the fabric department have both been there at least 10 years.  One of the ladies who cut my fabric said she was in love with it, too.  She said that it was totally stash worthy.  I have no idea what to do with it, but it makes me happy to have it.

It was a pretty chilly day here on the Peninsula.  After church all I could think about was going home and putting on my warmest jammies.  I had been invited to a really cool Superbowl party, but I had studying to do, plus I figured wearing my jammies to a football party might be frowned upon.  Plus I kind of needed a nap.

I think I may have shared that I have some pretty severe bouts of insomnia.  It drives me crazy.  I woke up when it was still dark this morning and just could not get back to sleep.  Liesl made the rare decision to come up on the bed and snuggle.  There is something so comforting about dog snuggles, particularly on a cold morning. Within minutes I fell back asleep for another couple of hours and woke up feeling so nice and rested.  Yay!

Speaking of puppies, I did watch just a few minutes of the Superbowl after dinner and then switched over to the Puppy Bowl.  It is amazing how one can just immediately feel happy just watching puppies.  They made me giggle.  Their little baby puppy barks were just so darned cute.  We will not even talk about the cute factor of the hedgehog cheerleaders.  I like to study psychology and I always wonder what brain scans of people watching the Puppy Bowl look like.  I would think that the brain gets "lit up" by all of the happiness endorphin that get released after a few minutes.  I have to laugh when the referee has to issue penalties for Excessive Cuteness and Too Many Puppies on the Ref.  Ridiculously cute.  

So tonight I got to knit for a bit and watch Downton.  I was kind of glad that there wasn't any trauma tonight like for the past few weeks.  It really is the best thing I have watched in so long, and it makes me think that people are really yearning for quality television.  My television tastes really vary and I do love me some reality shows, but this show is so good that an hour goes by and I could swear that I have only been watching for 15 minutes.  I do not know what I will do at the end of the season in a couple of weeks.  The characters are so well developed on this show that it is almost like you know them as real people.

So now I am ready to try to go to sleep.  There are certain days that you lie down in bed with such a happy heart.  I am so grateful for so much.  This has been a nice peaceful day.  


Patti said...

When the game looked like the Ravens were for sure going to win, I also switched over to the Puppy Bowl! I was excited to see that the schnauzer/ beagle mix (I think her name was Marta) made a touchdown! I laughed at the hedgehog cheerleaders and thought nobody is going to kick them off the squad if they gain 2 pounds, they looked like they were supposed to be "fluffy" lol.

quiltluvr said...

I've been thinking I would like to begin more cross stitching and purchase a cross stitch magazine sometime to see if I would like one. Do you have any others you recommend ? I think I will go look at some this week.

I laughed at how you plan to read your magazine. I do that with my quilt magazine when it comes in the mail. I have to plan when I can sit uninterrupted and absorb it. :)

Hope your studying goes well!