Friday, February 8, 2013

What A Relief!

Well, I took the last of my exams for my certification.  I have found out that I actually qualify for two certifications, which means that I will get to put a series of letters after my name, which is kinda cool. (I just have to get my application mailed off.) This last test though nearly had me running screaming into the night.  It was not in an area that I had much experience in and was really hard.  I had 24 hours from the time they email a link to the test to complete it and submit it.  I needed just about every second, too.  I worked on it until 1am, got up at 5:30 am and kept working on it.  I passed with a high mark, but I went over every single answer over and over again to make sure it was right.  

The three exams are now done and this is the first weekend in a while that I do not have to study all weekend.  I was thinking about it all day today what I could do this evening.  I had plans of stitching, reading, watching a movie, maybe spend some time in my craft room.  Alas and alack, the four hours of sleep is catching up with me and I was in bed by 8:30.  I am so sleepy.

I have got to finish up all of my Valentines tomorrow and get them mailed off.  A friend of mine a long time ago used to send Valentines instead of Christmas cards.  His rationale was that he really did not have the time during the holidays to do cards.  He said that you get a lot of cards at Christmas, but a Valentine can make you feel very happy.  Everyone likes getting a Valentine.

I got super good news the other day.  I shared a few months ago that my favorite neighbor, Bill, passed away.  He was such an amazing person and I still expect to see him sitting on his front porch when I come home.  Anyway, I saw his daughter the other day and she and her family are going to move in next door.  I am so excited.  She is my age (young!) and is a super cool person.  We always end up talking for a long time when we see one another.  So we said that we will be having coffee at each other's houses all the time.  She and her husband have such really wonderful, polite children, too.  It will be fun to have a another friend right next door.  All of my neighbors are pretty awesome.

Well, I am off to get lots of rest.  Little Miss Liesl has been so patient while I have been study and test taking.  I owe her lots of attention tomorrow.  Something tells me that I need my beauty sleep.


Patti said...

Congratulations Patti! What a relief it must be to have all the tests behind you. I hope you and Liesl have a great study-free weekend, doing all the things you love.

Great news about your new neighbors, too!

wilma boer said...

Congratulations on getting it all completed! You deserve a weekend of rest and pampering!