Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweet Saturday

This has been quite the productive day.  It has been really warm the past couple of days, and Liesl was looking like a ragamuffin so it was haircut day.  Liesl is a pretty accommodating little dog, who has been professionally groomed most of her life.  So today was not her first rodeo.  I got her shaved down pretty quickly and got the eyebrows and beard trimmed down.   I keep cheese at the ready to give her at incremental steps.  In general, I stop when she gets fidgety and has had enough.  (Think two year old child getting a haircut...)  When she gets to a certain point, I give up and save the rest for another day.  So I still have her legs, ears and tummy to do.  

She looks cute as all get out.  I give her a blunt cut on her beard, which looks a bit more puppy like.  Cutting the beard is the hardest because she does not like the sound of the scissors near her neck.  So I have to work really fast and keep the cheese a comin.'  Cheese is Liesl's total weakness.  She can hear a package of cheese being opened in the kitchen if she is out in the backyard.  She time travels, too, because I will not even hear her coming.  She just appears at my feet.

Speaking of cheese, Trader Joe's makes a five minute fondue.  It comes in a cup like Cup O' Noodles comes in.  You just stick that bad boy in the microwave and bada-bing, bada-boom, you got Fondue.  I have had it for dinner a few times this week.  I even made it tonight while I watched the race.

I am so happy that it is NASCAR season again.  It was good to see my #14 car burning up the racetrack again.  That dry spell from November to February takes forever.  I can't wait to see how this season goes.  I hope to get back to a race this year.  If you ever get the chance to attend a NASCAR race, go!  It is so exciting.

The day was quite beautiful and in the 70s.  Liesl and I got out to the backyard to do a little weeding today.  Okay, I weeded.  Liesl patrolled the gopher holes.  She becomes totally fixated on the gopher holes.  Anyway, I am super excited because I have been wanting to start a butterfly garden.  Last year, I had several Monarch butterflies visiting the yard.  They would actually sit near my feet.  Just this week, Better Homes and Gardens emailed me downloadable garden plans for butterfly gardens.  Some even include plans with water dishes and rocks for them to sun on.  Butterfly gardens are so colorful and cheerful, too.  I am so excited.  I love those garden plans from BHG.

Well, one of us is already snoring so I guess it is time for me to turn off the light, too...

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