Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Come On, Spring!

Okay, I am over it with the cold.  It has been in your bones cold for a while now.  Once my feet get cold, that's it.  I think it is hard to think of anything else when your feet are cold.  So I am ready for Spring.  

What is further increasing my desire for Spring is the fact that I am being inundated with seed catalogs right now.  When I see seed catalogs I start getting visions of me homesteading and Farmer Patti starts getting delusions that I am better in the garden than what is reality.  I get the full picture, too.  The overalls, straw hat, and blingy earrings, cause a girl still has to be stylish!  So at this point, I am trying to keep it real and not order from the catalogs right now.  At least not until I get that tractor ordered.  PS:  Do you think the neighbors would mind if I started beekeeping?

I am feeling very blessed these days.  Everyone that I spoke to that came to the party said that they had such a good time.  A close friend and I were talking yesterday and we have decided that my BFF is out of our league when it comes to cooking.  She is of Sicilian descent, and makes the most amazing Italian food, which just so happens to be my favorite.  She made lasagna for my birthday as well as chicken with prunes and olives.  This does not sound like a good combination in principle, but I would do just about anything for another bite.  My BFF also has a cooking rock star kitchen, which includes a warming drawer.  Warming drawers are one of the coolest things ever.

Little Miss Liesl had to get her nails cut yesterday.  While I groom her, she does not like to have her feet messed with. (She does, however, like her toes massaged.  Go figure.)  So I take her over to Petco, where they do it in ten minutes and trim up her feet to look pretty.  They are also nice enough not to put her in a kennel where she will just panic.  The nice young lady who does her nails (schnauzer have those black nails, where you can not tell where the quick is) is so good with her.  I told her that she understands Liesl.  She told me that she is a terrier person.  The young lady is super nice, good with Liesl and always gives me grooming tips.

Although Liesl is super mellow for a schnauzer, she is very opinionated.  The grooming area has its own entrance.  When she is done, she is ready to go.  So as I am finishing up the transaction, she goes and points her body and focuses on the door.  She puts her nose right on the door, as if to say, "Let's go!"  The nice people at Petco will be telling her that she is pretty and offering her cookies and she will ignore them, with an iron focus on the door, nose still pointed against it.  She has not intention of hanging around.  Most people just say, "Oh, yeah.  Schnauzer."  Oy, she has a hard head.

Well, I am off to sleep.

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