Saturday, April 6, 2013

Super Duper Saturday!

I have been really looking forward to this weekend all week.  I have nothing on the calendar and was craving a weekend of puttering around the house and hanging out with my favorite furgirl.  It was all nearly in jeopardy but as always it all worked out.

Last night, I came home from work, fed Liesl, then the two of us piled into the car to run errands so that it would not be necessary for me to leave the house if I did not want to. When I was out my check engine light came on and within seconds my car started bucking.  When I got home, I went online to see if my super great mechanic was open today.  No dice.  For some reason, in this area mechanics are not open on Saturday.  I would think that it would mean missing out on a lot of business, since people are off and can coordinate a ride and all.  Anyway, I was worried until I remembered that the dealership is nearby.  

I called them first thing this morning.  They told me to come on by.  They were super nice and fixed the problem (replaced a camshaft sensor), gave my car a big software upgrade, and even washed my car.  It was all done in an hour.  I was stunned.  The guy said that he was glad I came in because it was their very first time being open on a Saturday.  I am glad, too!  I have a commute, and I was worried that I would have to deal with this while I am still new at my job, (particularly during a very busy time of year!)  

I was so relieved and grateful!  I was so happy to get back home.  I weeded my overgrown yard, then snuggled with Liesl for a really good nap.  I finished reading my book, cleaned up the house,    rough housed with Liesl, and painted my toenails with an awesome China Glaze glittery red polish.  

It has been an awesome day.  Almost like a mini vacation.  A day at home just feeds the soul.  I now have all of my stitchy stuff ready for me to sit and stitch.  So I am going to play stitching tonight and during the race tomorrow.  

I have big plans tomorrow of cooking, gardening and stitching.  I hope to have photos for you!  Enjoy your Saturday night!

One more thing I forgot to mention when I posted this last night - I have had to tighten my comments monitoring to not include Anonymous posting anymore.  I love comments and love when someone takes the time to post.  So I apologize anyone that this affects.  I am being inundated with spam through comments.

Spammers, this is for you.  I delete your comments as soon as I see links or that you are commenting to a really old post of mine.  They are not read, nor are they posted.  So you are wasting a lot of your time and productivity posting to my little blog here.  There is no payoff in it for you.  

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MaryO said...

A lady after my own heart. Home is definitely where my heart is. Me,my hubby of 40 years and our two kitties. Loverly! So glad your car problems worked out in a hurry! Car problems scar me to death! Glad your job is going well for you. luv. MaryO