Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where Did The Weekend Go?!

This weekend just flew by.  Friday was my super son-in-law's birthday and there was a great little party at a local restaurant.  He is such a great son in law and I was so happy to share his special day!

Saturday I was so tired that I could not pull it together and do everything I wanted to do.  I even took a two hour nap in the afternoon.  (Liesl always thinks that naps are a splendid idea!)  I was shocked that I slept that long, but it was obviously needed.  I got a little stitching in, but not enough to really speak of. 

Today was awesome.  I had church in the morning then off I went to have lunch (Mexican food!  Yay!) with my friends.  We have not had a chance to get together since my birthday.  With my new job and all the things going on in the last month, we just could not get it together.  It was so great to sit with my girlfriends.  They feed the soul.  We always talk about really deep stuff and we are all so supportive of each other.  I always feel so happy after I get together with my friends.

My friends have always been super supportive of my buying a home.  So they always ask me what is next on my list of things I want to do on my house.  This is particularly so now.  My big plan for later this year is to put radiant heat in my kitchen and bath.  Home Depot sells the kits, which includes like a wire mat that you put under tile.  I hate cold floors so I really want to get this done by next winter.  The hard part in all of this is going to be picking the tile.  I would really like granite or quartz, but that is pretty slippery for little puppy feet, so it will have to have a little more traction.  My daughter laughed as she said that she could imagine that Liesl will constantly be molding herself to the floor once the radiant heat goes in.  

The other project that I have in mind is finally painting the interior.  I did paint the kitchen with my best friend last year.  It is a beautiful gold color.  The rest of the house is still kind of off white.   After renting all of my life, and having white walls, I told myself that I would never have white walls again.  However, now having options is overwhelming, so I have not picked anything at all.  Maybe I should start with something small like the bathroom.  So many choices.  The funny thing is that it is just that I can not pick a paint color.  I have offers of help.  My best friend is a nurse practitioner and paints like a surgeon.  Plus we giggle while we work.  Alas, the color thing is getting me all flustered.  

Well, I have to do a little studying for work before I go to bed.  Hope you have a happy Monday!

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