Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers For Boston

Prayers being lifted up for our neighbors in Boston.  Unfortunately, evil truly exists.  And sometimes it is closer than we think and wears a friendly face.  We pray that evil is kept far from us.  

I was pretty stunned when I saw the news today.  It reinforces the thought that life changes in the blink of an eye.  It is all so precious and fragile.

It was so good to come home tonight to my furry girl.  It is so cold and windy here.  There is something about high winds that just make me feel tired and irritable.  So I was so happy to come home to a big bearded sloppy wet kiss.  When you see evil happen it is so good to come home to a soul that is so pure of heart.  I headed into the kitchen and made a yummy pot of tortilla soup.  Afterward, Liesl worked on a chewie while I snuggled into the sofa with my heated blanket.  I have not even turned the lights on.  

So it is quiet.  I am grateful for this evening, for food in my tummy, for the unconditional love of a sweet little schnauzer, for warm blankets, and that I made it home safely.  I say prayers for those who lost a loved one today, or were in harm's way.  The mightiest of angels are with those tonight who were hurt today, standing watch, their whispering wings sounding a soft lullaby to those who need to awaken tomorrow to a day filled with hope and peace.

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