Monday, April 8, 2013

Windmills Of My Mind...

Well, here is my stitching project.  It is a very old pattern (copyrighted 1952) that I bought at Thumbelina Needleworks in Solvang, CA.  It is stitched on teeny tiny silk gauze.  The pattern itself is so nostalgic that it brings me back to stitching in my youth.  My family is of Dutch heritage, so I have sort of thing for windmills.  This makes me happy. 

I am sitting up all alone tonight watching the Voice.  Liesl already put herself to bed.  As all schnauzers, she has an independent mind.  She is not always a lay-near-mom kind of dog. A lot of nights she will make sure that I know she is going to bed.  She walks kind of dramatically, then looks back at me over her shoulder with a look that says, "I going to bed" then heads to her Golden Retriever sized bed.  (She likes to fully recline.)  

We have had voracious winds today.  It started about two o'clock this morning and kept Liesl and I up. The wind just pounded the house.  At one point it was doing such a high pitched howl that both Liesl and I thought an animal was in the house.  I woke up to palm fronds all over my front yard and there are no palm trees on my street.  The high winds tend to make people grumpy.  There is a theory about negative ions being stirred up, which affects people's moods.  In any case, I am over it.

Well, I think I will go tuck the little one in.  I am tired from the lack of sleep last night.   


wilma b said...

Love the windmill...good luck in stitching on the guage...not something I want to try.

I'm Dutch...and I like windmills, although I've only ever stitched one or two...

I've been to Solvang once...that little shop wasn't open (Christmas Eve)so that was too bad.

Patti said...

Love the little windmill! Oh my gosh, many years ago, on my honeymoon (driving to San Francisco from Los Angeles) we stopped in Solvang and I went to Thumbelina! I purchased a silk gauze kit of a little girl holding a bouquet of flowers. My husband (ex-H now) picked it out for me to stitch for a future daughter. I stitched it but had 3 sons. I still have it though and hopefully I can give it to a granddaughter someday. My 1st grandchild is due in August, but it is a boy!
It wasnt too difficult to stitch, but my eyes were only 22 years old then, lol. Happy stitching and I will look forward to seeing your progress.