Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Full Day!

I was so tired from a really busy week at work.  (I am an accountant, and Friday was the last day of the quarter.)  As I was leaving work last night I was almost tempted to spend today in bed.  Luckily, after a full night of sleep and waking up at 7:30 I had a renewed sense of energy.  After a cup of coffee, I decided to go outside and water the plants before it got too hot.  We are in the middle of that heat wave.  Liesl and I headed outside.  Of course, one thing led to another and before I knew it I had out the hedge trimmer and trimmed all the shrubs on the front of the house, then weeded.  It looks super good.  It was way overdue!

I was really energetic by this point and cleaned the kitchen, the living room, scrubbed the bathroom, finished the laundry, including sheets, polished the bedroom furniture, took a nap, took Liesl to the park and even got some stitching in.  It was actually pretty relaxing.

It really was hot today.  My favorite part of the day was right after sunset.  The air was starting to cool with the fog coming in.  So Liesl and I went out on the porch.  Liesl even sat on my lap.  She is not a lap dog, in general, but will sit on my lap when we sit on park benches, or in certain outdoor places.  However, tonight we just got to sit and look at the sky streaked with orange and feel the breeze.  We were both pretty relaxed.  I was so grateful for those really peaceful moments.

I was really grateful for some time to stitch tonight, too.  I put some stand up comedy on Netflix, and worked on Lady of the Thread.  Liesl did her happy victory laps with her bone, then laid down in front of the open window to take full advantage of the breeze and smell the night smells.  Usually it is too cold to have the window open at night so she was intrigued and was sniffing the air a lot.  

I am so grateful for today.  It felt so good to get so much accomplished around the house and spend some special time with my special furry girl.  While I love spending time with friends, or being out and about on the Monterey Peninsula,  my favorite place to be is home.  It is my sanctuary and the place where I best charge my batteries.  There really is no place like home.

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Peggy Lee said...

WOW! That was a super spurt of housecleaning gumption you had going there! I need a little shot of that here.
Spending quality time with your furry love AND your that's heaven!