Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vet Visit

First of all, thank you very much for your good thoughts and prayers.  Liesl had her appointment today at the vet.  I did not sleep well last night, but I was eager to get the appointment behind us.  My best friend met us at the vet, which was a big help.  Liesl was so happy to see her (she thinks of my BFF as her second puppy momma.) Having my BFF there really helped both of us in alleviating our stress levels.  While we waited, my friend asked to read the cardiologist's report.  She explained to me in regular speak what is going on and kind of de-mystified the situation for me, which dropped my fear level a bit.  She said that she agrees that I should just keep doing what I am doing with the fish oil and getting Liesl exercise and above all, keeping her blood pressure down.  She explained to me that the valve in question is on the part of the heart that pumps blood out of the heart.

The vet was super late to the appointment, like an hour.  Everything seemed a bit urgent around there, too.  At one point, an assistant came into the examination room and apologized profusely.  She said that the vet had done emergency surgery that morning on a poor little cocker spaniel who had a huge abscess on its neck from a foxtail (they are EVIL!) and was having a few problems.  I told them to not worry about us and that we totally understand that it was someone's furbaby, that they were probably worried sick, and that I would hope that someone else would be patient if my girl needed the vet's full attention.

So my BFF and I got to sit and catch up.  Liesl took turns snuggling with each of us.  She was a little bit stressed but liked being with her people.  Finally the vet came in.  We asked about the cocker spaniel and she said that she was doing much better.  Poor little thing.  She reported that Liesl's blood pressure was normal, which was really good news.  Then they went and took her for her x-rays and blood tests.  The assistant came back and said that Liesl is her new favorite patient.  She said that she could not believe how agreeable and helpful Liesl was while they did what they had to do.

The x-rays look okay with that one chamber just a bit enlarged, but they will be communicating with the cardiologist and keeping an eye on it.  They said that they would call me on Monday with the results of her blood tests.  In addition, they gave me special shampoo to help with her itchiness.  The vet also gave me a topical steroid/antibiotic for the places she is super itchy.  She said that she thinks Liesl has a small staph infection and thinks the topical agent should help. My BFF said that she was glad that they did not give her a steroid shot, that she would have been concerned about that shock to Liesl's system.  Liesl was just happy to get the heck out of there.  (As a side note, I gave Liesl a bath with the shampoo which is high in Omega-3.  It smells a little like fish, which is making her happy.  She thinks she smells awesome.  I am concerned that it is the Chanel #5 of dogs, and that we are gonna have boy dogs at the beach asking her if she goes there often.  ;) )

I took my BFF to lunch afterward at a dog friendly restaurant.  Liesl was not having any of it and would not get out of the car.  Luckily, it was kind of cold today, so I left the windows down and had lunch with my friend.  Between the nice lunch and coming down off the stress, I was so sleepy.  Liesl was tired from her stressful morning, too.   I came home, changed into sweats, and crawled into bed with my book.  Liesl and I ended up sleeping very, very deeply.  Now we are just having a quiet evening.  I will put on a movie and stitch.  Liesl is working on a new chewie.  It is pretty nice.

So tonight I am so grateful to you for saying prayers for my sweet little fur-girl.  I am grateful for a best friend who would spend her Saturday morning off at the vet with me.  I am grateful for veterinary professionals who work so hard to take care of furbabies, and for those who work to develop medications and new procedures to care for the little ones that we love.  I am especially grateful for my sweet little dog, who is so smiley, sassy, smart, funny, opinionated and just a total character.  She makes me so happy.


Laura said...

Hi Patti & Liesl,

I was just thinking about you both when I popped in on my blog reader and saw this post! I am so very happy to hear how well Liesl is doing overall and that your BFF was with you both - excellent idea! I think a BF for Liesl would be nice ;)
Although I don't think I will ever think of Chanel #5 the same way again :D lol :)

Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday :)


Peggy Lee said...

I am so glad to hear Liesl is doing well. Such a sweet face! You are such a good Momma!
Lunch with your friend sounds lovely.

Suzanne said...

Good to hear. Keep doing what you are doing and let God do what He is doing, and all will be well.