Sunday, June 2, 2013


All in all, this was a pretty good weekend.  It is one of those weekends where I wish I could have just one more day.  It has been so very cold today.  Our walk at the park had us moving a bit briskly today.  I took the long route today, which means carrying Liesl past the cemetery.  Right after we pass the entrance she is okay to walk, but she will always stop in the same place.  She trotted around the rest of the lake, then wanted to sit on our usual bench.  All was peaceful and tranquil, until Public Enemy Numero Uno showed up.  That's right, a squirrel interrupted our quiet.  Suddenly, Liesl was all squirmy and barky.  Oy vey.  Dogs and squirrels, never to be friends.  I swear the squirrels tease dogs, too.

Luckily, the squirrel went along its merry way and Liesl nestled back in so that we could watch the lake.  It was cold, but we snuggled.  I love that time with her so much.  

I was able to stitch for a short time tonight.  I had forgotten how hard it is to stitch on black fabric.  It is so beautiful and a design will just pop against it.  However, one truly needs ample light and rest periods.  

It is hard  to believe it is June already.  I still get really excited about summer.  I am looking forward to barbecues, time with friends, walks with Liesl, and some beach reading.  I love summer and the nice long days.  I have lots of cool walks planned for after work.  I may have to get an ice cream maker, too.

Well, I have to tuck in the small, furry one and give her big kissies.  I hope you have a very happy Monday.

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